We are mapping out a strategic, enterprise-wide journey and bring in not only the acumen and new skills for digital transformation but also new processes and new business models in manufacturing. We excel at technologies that increase performance, value and competitive advantage for your plant.

Faster ROI and Higher Turnouts

High technologies implemented with the strategy in mind pay for themselves quickly, decreasing operation costs, raising output and performance, and strengthen your brand's value. Our consultant are highly prepare to bring both strategic and tactical approach in manufacturing.

Naturally Embedded Solutions

We use smart, innovative solutions, identification devices, vision systems, sensors, data collectors, mobility devices, robots that are naturally embedded in your present and future infrastructure.

Working with the best in the industry

We are not only the promoters of digital transformations backed by strategy and advanced technologies. We bring into your business years of experience with different business models, innovative processes and experts in manufacturing processes.

Amplify Efficiency and Output

When you choose high technologies, choose also a strategic consultant that can model your processes to be performed with less variability and at a constant speed, resulting in fewer throughput bottlenecks, greater control, and quality of your operations, significantly reduced lead times and increase the production rates.

Sustainable Interconnected Solutions

We are offering our customers sustainable solutions – we do not sell for the sake of selling. We come in with the appropriate consulting services to support real transformations that bring real results.

Latest Technologies in the market

We understand the latest technologies in the market. This is why our solutions are strategically interconnected as for your manufacturing business to enhance performance and value across the entire spectrum of the manufacturing value chain.


SmartID is committed to assisting manufacturing companies in encompassing all the advantages that digital transformation, automation, mobility and robotisation offers to value streams


SmartID shines in providing the latest and most ingenious solutions backed by a strategic approach, advanced capabilities, exceptional manufacturing processes and technologies

Incident Management

Incidents are occurrences indicating that a process has malfunctioned down the manufacturing line. Having an incident management tool like Smart.Incident Management always available spares you the blushes and also saves you time and money on unnecessary disturbances.

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Asset Management

We help you automate and simplify the way you handle all operations related to your fixed assets with an intuitive and efficient solution that will provide you with full control and visibility over your assets lifecycle and inventory, minimizing your related costs and giving you more certainty in budget planning and forecasting.

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Collaborative Robots

There comes a time when a new addition to your team changes the game completely. Sawyer is such a turning point in your workflow, making your operations circa 30% more efficient. The cobot’s flexibility makes assigning it new tasks a breeze, just say what you want and Sawyer will set to work in minutes.

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Track and Trace

A complete, bi-directional solution that enables you to quickly identify the production lots that are unfit for market distribution. Use it with our portfolio of data serialization to easily collect, store and trace data to track ingredients or parts, and prevent events that may have a negative impact on your product or brand reputation.

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Shop Floor Management

Connect people, processes, data and things in an intelligent and strategic manner. With SmartID.ShopFloor you can go beyond data capture and enable real-time insights to inform and optimize your processes for better outcomes.

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Stock Management

As a business owner or retailer, your inventory is your lifeblood. With our professional stock management solutions, you are always on top of the situation, building and maintaining your inventory with ease, modern tools and reduced costs.

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Data Collection

A unique solution for SMART manufacturing processes, creating a clear and concise information pool from diverse data sources, to help boost your performance and take your business to the next step.

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When speed of troubleshooting is critical, you need to simplify the collaboration in your team and enable them to act fast and compliant. No need to bounce between several apps to find the data, contact or information you’re looking for. Everything is in a single easy-to-use app.

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Asset Maintenance

A new type of intelligence helps you gather data coming from Programmable Logic Control (PLC), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), sensors and Industry 4.0 machines, in a single application that allows you to plan and anticipate your machine possible faults.

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Datalogic Vision System

Smart ID solution can help your manufacturing facility to run faster than anyone in the manufacturing industry. With a full portfolio of smart cameras, industrial vision processors and vision systems software you can ensure improved product quality, higher yields and lower production costs.

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Datalogic Laser Marking

A portfolio of products designed to cover all manufacturing marking and tracking needs, embedding fiber laser, solid state and CO2 technologies, and offering clear and permanent marking of logos, 1D and 2D codes, serial numbers & dates on multiple surfaces and materials.

Datalogic Sensors

This versatile solution provides any sensor your company might require in your current or projected operations, from precise identification of colors, contrast and luminescence grade, to fork sensors for label detection and devices for dimensional and distance measurement.

machine utilization, skills shortage, and throughput rate.

highly automated production lines

vision software, predictive maintenance wearable headsets, vision picking software


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