Smart ID is constantly innovating and providing store automation and store transformation solutions for retail companies of any scale and type, to support the achievement of business projections and the creation of excellence in customer service.

Streamline in-store operations

Innovative mobility and automations solutions for stock, asset, and overall store management provide an accurate overview of your daily and projected operations, support auto-generation of purchase orders for easier order fulfillment, and let you focus on strategic activities.

Insights-driven changes

Obtain real-time visibility on inventory and prices, faster and better implementation of promotions with cost-saving mobility technologies that empower your workforce. Benefit of these winning cards in your efforts of surpassing competitors and driving effectiveness and financial results.

Your staff is your brand ambassador

Visualize the perfect store: it has swiftly arranged goods, discounts in alignment with your marketing campaigns, accurate and interactive labels. Everyone in your team is now ready to tend to customer needs and support every step of your development strategy.

Get global, risk-free

Expand your business without risks to any location you desire. Our advanced retail solutions are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers, supporting all your development plans, including scalability, sector regulations and data protection. Talk to our consultants about any of our solutions.

Decrease budget spend

Most time-consuming tasks for your employees can be automated with smart devices and software solutions, which help you decreasing labor costs, while digitalization can solve storage and purchasing problems, enhancing cash flow and optimizing operational costs.

Go beyond customer satisfaction

You're always one step ahead to satisfy your customers' needs when you can secure their goods in-store, provide interactive information on products and buying options, show them you care for their precious time with self-checkout and offer answers with friendly and skilled staff.


No matter your business model, our experts are prepared to offer you state of the art retail consulting services, innovative solutions and seamless service levels that help you design outstanding employee and customer experiences


The Smart ID solutions portfolio of solutions includes innovative technologies to make your business operate faster, perform better and attain more customers.

Advanced Retail Solution

NCR Advanced Retail Solution supports traditional POS in the standard checkout lane, self-checkout lanes, and cafeteria corners/bar lanes. Find out how you can lower maintenance and support costs by managing a single solution for different types of clients.

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Through our always-on, WiFi or mobile-data driven solution, you will remain in command of the situation, check stock and items status in a glimpse, and boost your marketing studies by keeping an eye on the competition.

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Self Serve FastLine

Make every day easier for your customers. With NRC SelfServe Self Check Out Solution you can ensure item security, personalization, and reporting to enable customers to scan, bag, and pay without assistance

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As promotional campaigns get ever more complex and marketing decisions require the most relevant studies on consumption patterns and preferences, Promo Scan provides you with informed oversight and critical data.

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Self Check Out

NCR FastLane Solution provides your shoppers with multiple options to help them finalize the transaction. Expect a friendly user-interface, instructional animations for new shoppers using self-checkout.

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Click and Collect

The science behind Click and Collect is simple and effective: when an online purchase is made, it is automated by the system and delivered to the customer either in-store or at select pick-up points.

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Queue Busting

For large hypermarkets and supermarkets it is mandatory to plan for busy seasons and make customers happy. Smart ID Queue Busting solution gives your clients the choice to easy scan and bag products while shopping, and pay faster at POS.

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Smart Lockers

Transform your store with a modern, innovative, more efficient, reliable and time-sensitive pick-up solution while automating and improving the overall customer purchase and fulfillment experience.

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Asset Management

We help you automate and simplify the way you handle all operations related to your fixed assets with an intuitive, efficient and reliable solution that will save you time and ensure less interruptions of your business-critical activities.

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Electronic Labels

Go paperless and attain efficiency with electronic labels – the ingenious, new age, smart tools that help you to rapidly display and change pricing, while they act as simple “micro webpages” to convey essential omni-channel data to your customers.

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Queue Management

When demands exceed supply in hypermarkets and supermarkets, SmartID Queue Management Solution offers you an opportunity to optimize your customer experience and to organize a more logical queue flow.

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Get real time notifications and alerts to help Sales Associate act fast and never miss any sales opportunity. They can run quick stock reports, identify products that are running out, compare stocks and sells, and reorder stocks automatically before they run out.

Track and Trace

While even the most effective quality control cannon eliminate all risk, it can ensure it’s limited to the acceptable minimum. Make use of barcode precise identification of faulty or potentially unsafe goods for accurate recalls and a trustworthy service provided to your customers.

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Stock Counting

Dispense of expensive, third-party inventory count providers and put your stock counting into the hands of those you trust most, at a time that suits you best. This will keep your inventory healthy and your business unaffected by disruptions.

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Manage as many apps as needed for a productive workforce. Obtain a centralized control for your users and their installed apps based on role-based access management and secure your data with automated deletion of devices if they get stolen or lost.

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