Your business is increasingly moving from complicated to complex?

We are shifting your company efficiency frontier. In order to simplify your processes and reduce your operational costs we bring in the experience and know-how gained in successful digital transformations and complex software solutions implementation in intensive environments.

We do not need to predict your future. We have the knowledge to make it great!

Smart ID is the recognized IT leader in the Romanian industry. We have built a reputation of the most important provider and integrator of high technologies that makes intensive environments great, ahead of times. We are offering you connected, real time applications for you to succeed in the hybrid digital-physical environment. To secure your future, making it great!

Choose a specialist!

We resolve today your tomorrow's most critical business challenges.

  • Disrupted Supply Chains
  • InStore Revolutions
  • Hybrid Digital-Physical Environments
  • Human – Machine collaboration
  • Digital Transformations
  • Workforce Crisis

Our Portfolio of Solutions – Naturally Embedded Innovation

We see the future through your customers’ lens. We bring the passion for mobility, automation and robotizations to new, unmatched levels to meet tomorrow's needs. We bring innovation in any business model, new or old, with ahead of times, critical business solutions that are naturally embedded in your intensive environments.

Edged Consultancy

For more than 10 years, we are recognized experts in re-engineering value chains and business processes modeling for private companies with intensive operations. Our PM and Quality Assurance Services meet all recognized standards.

Solutions for the Future

We are specialized in turnkey solution development & Software Solution Conceptualization. From vision, case, requirement definition, architecture, user interfaces we are not just fast but also professional and knowledgeable.

Carefully Selected Products

We Partner the best cutting-edged technology providers at an international level. Our product range is carefully equipped with high-quality barcode readers, mobile and label printers, terminals, POS, industrial and robotic automation.

High Quality Service

Our team of specialists is certified to service and maintenance for the latest technologies available in the market. We offer help desk and call center. This is why our processes are fast, secure, knowledgeable and designed with our customer needs in mind.

Our Portfolio of Products – The Unmatched Expert Difference

In today’s intensive environments where any bottleneck results in an increase of operational costs, decreased productivity and low time to market your hardware provider must demonstrate tomorrow's vision, courage, capabilities, and the necessary expertise to handle absolutely new technologies that can work in peace with the old ones. Work with us to see the expert difference.

Barcode Scanners

Between your need to capture data and a barcode scanner are years of implementations in tough environments and multi-technology knowledge. Work smarter not harder with our experts.


Printers must perform no matter how harsh are the conditions and weather. From desk to mobile, Industrial, RFID or Kiosk Printers from multiple vendors let us show you the expert difference no matter how new is the technology.

Mobile Computers

We provide a selection of high quality handheld, wearable, vehicle mounted computers, tablets or handheld RFID readers. They are great at work, we bring in fresh thinking. We all need to get more done.

POS Equipment

Today customers need faster checkout. Personalization. Consistency. SmartID brings the world most trusted NCR POS to help you create an easy, intuitive experience that makes the customer come back again and your employees more productive

Industrial Automations

Make a step in the Industry 4.0 with our ahead of time Industrial Automations’ products selection – from Datalogic’s Vision Systems and Laser Marking technologies until Advantech automation control systems.

IT Infrastructure

We design tomorrow infrastructures that can be naturally integrated into existing company IT infrastructures. No bottlenecks, seamless coordination, knowledge of the latest technologies available in the market.

Solutions Tailored on the Future of your Industry

We are not only knowledgeable and following trends but always ahead of times in the development of our solutions. Working with industry leaders inspired us to restlessly seek for the most forward thinking solutions to solve our customer’s challenges and overdelivering on our promise every single time differentiated us to the extent of becoming the unmatched choice in our industry. See the difference in our portfolio of strategic solutions for:


We work with local and global retailers helping them scale with real time solutions and empowering them to succeed in their omnichannel strategy while shifting their retail efficiency frontier.

Supply Chain

We bring in scalable and sustainable supply chain solutions which help you achieve real cost savings, optimization of the working capital, rationalization of supply base and improvement of risk prediction.


From Smart Factory to Industrial automation and Industrial IOT, robotization and mobility we bring in solid knowledge and valuable experience, unmatched in the Romanian manufacturing industry


Smart ID develops solutions that enable utilities companies to offer a better experience to their customers: control and manage their energy use, monitor monthly bills and receive alerts based on business KPI.

Why you should work with us

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder and connecting.

Designers of Financial Stability

Over the last 10 years, we have built one of the most financially stable companies in the industry. Our stability makes room for further investment in solution innovation and the best people in the market.

Leaders in Complex Implementations

We have built our reputation on complex implementations, amazing projects and great customer innovation in the area of critical business solutions for intensive environments.

Experts in Innovative Processes

For more than 10 years we continue to add unmatched value in business process transformations for our top customers. We are the knowledgeable expert for critical business solutions and intensive environments.

Architects of Future Technologies

We have the capabilities and the necessary expertise to handle absolutely new technologies that can work in peace with the old ones. Work with us to transform your company’s future though ahead of time technologies.

Builders of Unmatched Experiences

Our brave people make our best difference. Our best match for you are our champions of value creation, designers of great experiences, knowledgeable enough to spread innovative ideas.

Best Partner of Technology Leaders

We lead the mobility, automation and robotization market for intensive environments. Dot. This come with amazing pricing, enough margins for certifications and investments in people, processes, technologies.

What makes our implementations great?

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder and connecting.

Data and Facts that Make us the Preferred Partner of our Customers

Our team of experts offers you unmatched design thinking and industry's process innovation in action

+3 000


+20 000




+15 000






Our Latest News

Read more about our latest news posts and be informed. We understand the success secrets of the world's most successful business companies.

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