Zebra RS5100 Bluetooth Ring Scanner - Retail Application

Small, yet versatile – Zebra RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Handsfree scanners are the next-generation wearable devices engaging workers and enabling maximized efficiency. Furthermore, the minimal design creates exceptional experiences in customer-facing areas, as well as in the warehouse.

Zebra’s new RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner combines versatility and features to offer the best-in-class benefits when it comes to productivity wearables.

Point-and-shoot scanning simplicity

The RS5100 finger scanner takes the ease-of-use and manageability to a new level.

This rugged, yet comfortable device, features two scanning options. The SE4710 delivers high-performance scanning with red illumination and orange LED aiming spot. The global shutter sensor and high-end lens in the SE4770 offer high-performance scanning, and superior motion tolerance, ideal for intensive scanning applications. The SE4770’s crisp red laser cross-hair aimer is available with white or red illumination.

Both scanning engines enable your workforce to quickly and accurately capture virtually any barcode. The PRZM Intelligent Imaging, a megapixel sensor, and Zebra’s superior algorithm help your workers near-instantly scan damaged, dirty, or poorly printed 1D and 2D barcodes.

Ensuring continuity in operations for enterprises of all levels

The technology behind the RS5100 offers a solution to one of the realities in warehouse operations: electrostatic discharge. Concrete floors often destroy sensitive electronics.

Thus, Zebra’s RS5100 was specifically built to surpass competitors, by handling higher levels of electrostatic discharge, making it a safe long-term wearable choice.

As with any product coming from the world-leading technology provider, Zebra, durability is a key feature.

RS5100 was designed to resist countless drops, bumps or even high-pressure water flows. Compared to other finger scanners on the market, it’s not using a hook-and-loop fastener. Instead, a metal buckle and nylon straps make sure that the scanner is cost-effective for any business, allowing several years of usage.

A lower Total Cost of Ownership is also easier to achieve, thanks to the rechargeable battery. And there’s a choice here too. The standard battery lasts for 12 hours or 14,400 scans on a single charge. The extended PowerPrecision+ battery is meant for colder environments and longer shifts.

To gain full control of the wearable’s battery lifetime, workers can view and manage notifications in the device’s PowerPrecision Console.

The RS5100 single finger scanner meets all expectations in high-volume and time-sensitive operations. The trigger assembly is removable and swappable, and each of its elements can be replaced on-site.

For the backroom cost-efficiency and time management, Zebra has designed the ShareCradles that can charge 20 RS5100 ring scanners or 40 RS5100 batteries.

The RS5100 – mobile workers’ favorite in usability and design

Unlike other finger scanners, Zebra’s RS5100 is very small, which makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Workers can choose between the right and the left-hand placement, or they can wear it on a lanyard. Either way, the risk of losing this finger scanner is greatly reduced.

The RS5100 is also very precise in scanning, especially in tight areas. The sensor calculates a bigger “sweet spot” during barcode recognition, to make scanning a lot faster and accurate.

It also helps mobile workers easily identify the flow of the operations – the LED illumination indicates the direction in which a worker needs to go next.

The Bluetooth technology built-in the RS5100 single finger scanners ensures compatibility with virtually any other Zebra enterprise-class mobile device. It also features NFC for pairing with other NFC-ready Zebra devices, saving important operational time.

Business benefits

  • Faster operations, with every time capture or barcodes
  • Simplified mobility deployment (by using the same ring scanner across all operations levels)
  • Increased productivity, more scannings performed per hour
  • A best-in-class rugged design built to last for years
  • High-capacity flexible ShareCradles, minimizing devices’ management time and maintenance

Top 5 applications for Zebra’s RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth scanner

Transportation and Logistics



  • Picking
  • Sorting and put away
  • Packing


Field Service

  • Route accounting
  • Package verification

View here the full specifications of the new RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Scanner.

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ZXP9 - Zebra's new 600DPI Retransfer Card Printer

Zebra ZXP Series 9 Retransfer Card Printer

Zebra Technologies, a world leader in label printing equipment, has announced the launch of the ZXP Series 9™ retransfer printer, best in class in its premium card printer product line.

Delivering exceptional quality and characteristics, and a brand new 600 DPI option, the printer features a user-selectable print quality mode allowing users to optimize for print speed or sharpen print quality.

Using Zebra’s Color Predictive Technology, the ZXP Series 9 monitors printing and automatically adapts settings based on tested, patented image-processing algorithms to consistently produce the highest print quality.

Meeting demanding enterprise needs for high-performance, the ZXP Series 9™ retransfer printer will:

  • Print borderless, over-the-edge cards,
  • Produce rich, deep colors, crisp text, and borders with 600 dpi,
  • Offer user-defined standard and fine print quality options,
  • Print on uneven card surfaces (like smartcards),
  • Print the same quality from the first to the last card, even from a cold start,
  • Deliver more durable and abrasion-resistant cards.

Design and security with one fast and reliable printer

The latest to the ZXP Series 9™, the new product was developed specifically for entities with Secure Cards ID requirements. Custom laminates (that can be purchased separately from Zebra partners) can be embedded with various security elements, such as visual holograms, micro-text, UV fluorescent images, guilloche patterns, and metallic inks.

The dual-sided, simultaneous retransfer process provides top-tier printing, encoding and laminating through output. Unlike mid-range competitors, Zebra’s Series 9 retransfer printer uses dye-based ink to produce more vibrant prints and to render very fine details better.

Authentic Zebra supplies and accessories for enriched printing experience and safety

The range of supplies for Zebra’s high security retransfer card printer includes cards, printer ribbons, cleaning supplies and especially card laminates and overlays.

Zebra offers two options for laminates: stock and custom. The tamper-resistant film, which is available for custom laminates, combined with the device’s capability to print micro or hidden text, makes it a perfect candidate for government or private sector organizations where security demands are higher.

Common applications for custom laminates include government identification cards, driver’s license, employee identification or access control cards, membership and loyalty cards.

Competitive in price and features

When it comes to performance, the ZXP Series 9 delivers print speeds up to 190 cards per hour. It also provides an extremely low cost-per-card operation with the patented waste-free laminate design.

This design eliminates the need for the printer to mechanically flip cards during production, reducing the risk of mechanical errors and card jams. It also enables a 30% cost savings compared to competitors.

Top features in the new ZXP Series 9 Retransfer Card Printer

  • Full color or monochrome printing
  • Standard and fine print quality options
  • Single and dual-sided printing
  • Print speed up to 190* cards per hour
  • Image quality (300 or 600 dpi)
  • Borderless printing (over the edge)
  • USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet Connectivity
  • 150 card capacity
  • 6-line LCD display
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Contact/contactless smart code encoding
  • NFC print touch
  • QR code technology
  • Auto media calibration

Recommended applications

  • High and Mid-Volume Applications
  • High-Security ID and Access Control Cards
  • Government IDs, Cards and Access Control Cards
  • Employee, Student and Staff ID and Access Control Cards
  • Personalized Gift, Membership and Loyalty Cards
  • Smart Cards in Travel, Gaming, and Entertainment

View here the full specifications of the new ZXP Series 9™ Retransfer Card Printer.

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Panasonic - Tableta robustă Toughpad M1

3 pași de urmat în automatizarea proceselor de mentenanță a echipamentelor din producție

Termenul Industry 4.0 apare tot mai des în dezbaterile despre viitorul companiilor românești din industrie. Se vorbește despre cum ar trebui făcută industrializarea 4.0, despre flexibilitatea ei și impactul major asupra performanței și profitului.

În practică însă, lucrurile sunt diferite. Automatizarea, ca prim pas către trecerea la digitalizarea producției, se estimează că se va situa la cca 50% din sectorul productiv abia în 2023. Costurile și teama de schimbare sunt o explicație pentru această cifră.

Soluția poate veni doar dintr-o implementare accelerată a conceptului Industry 4.0, iar prima alegere logică o reprezintă automatizarea proceselor și a echipamentelor din fabrică.

Urmărind experiența companiilor care au făcut primii pași spre automatizare, am descoperit că cea mai rapidă schimbare se obține prin automatizarea proceselor de mentenanța a echipamentelor și mașinilor din producție.

Iată cum poți automatiza aceste procese în 3 pași:

  1. Evaluează nevoia de automatizare a proceselor de mentenanță a echipamentelor

Te-ai întrebat, vreodată, cum a devenit o zi obișnuită într-o unitate de producție care nu beneficiază de automatizări? Un coșmar! Experimentat probabil de toți cei care au trecut prin oprirea producției. Dacă te regăsești printre ei, înseamnă că te-ai lovit cel puțin o dată de:

  • întreruperi în fluxul tehnologic din cauza unei reparații care nu a fost făcută la timp
  • materii prime sau piese de schimb lipsă într-un moment critic al fazei de producție, pentru că managerul de aprovizionare nu a primit corect necesarul pe fiecare secție a unității de producție
  • întârzierea unei reparații pentru că tehnicianul nu a avut la dispoziție fișa echipamentului, cu istoricul detaliat al reparațiilor anterioare etc.

O zi ideală ar putea fi descrisă prin funcționarea în parametri optimi a fiecărui echipament, continuitate în procesele de fabricație, productivitate crescută, costuri reduse și manageri mulțumiți de rezultate.

  1. Identifică soluția potrivită pentru automatizare (software și hardware)

Analiza internă a proceselor este punctul de plecare în alegerea soluției care te va ajuta să obții productivitate crescută, reducerea costurilor asociate operațiunilor de mentenanță și un impact pozitiv în indicatorii financiari.

Pe partea de software, maximul de beneficii din automatizare îl poți obține cu o soluție construită să:

  • se integreze rapid cu toate sistemele funcționale din fabrică, indiferent că este vorba de PLC-uri, sisteme de planificare a resurselor sau a producției efective
  • permită planificarea reparațiilor, programarea pe zile de lucru și echipe și stabilirea corectă a necesarului de piese de schimb
  • ofere instrumente simple de înregistrare a parametrilor de operare ai utilajelor și istoricul de reparații
  • elimine erorile umane și să reducă necesarul de documentație scrisă din procesele de mentenanță
  • fie accesibilă 24/7 și interconectabilă cu orice terminal mobil utilizat de către tehnicienii sau inginerii de mentenanță
  • poată fi adaptată oricând: unor noi echipamente, noi linii de producție, cerințelor unor noi piețe de desfacere

Pe partea de hardware poți opta pentru o tabletă robustă, cu funcționalități specifice mediului de producție. Însă nu toate tabletele dedicate mediului industrial oferă fiabilitate și robustețe. Panasonic este recunoscut deja pentru tabletele și laptopurile TOUGHBOOK rezistente la praf, apă și utilizare îndelungată în condiții extreme.

Tehnicienii de mentenanță pot urmări mai ușor sarcinile care le sunt atribuite, își pot planifica reparațiile sau necesarul de piese de schimb și vor reduce timpul alocat fiecărei reparații cu ajutorul unei tablete de ultimă generație TOUGHBOOK M1.

O tabletă cu care echipa mobilă poate să acceseze în timp real inventarul și locația în depozit a produselor finite sau să ruleze diagnosticul unui echipament doar prin conectarea la acesta, crescând deci eficiența angajaților, își va amortiza mai rapid costurile investiției.

  1. Implementează soluția și avansează către digitalizarea întregii activități

Introducerea soluției de automatizare a proceselor de mentenanță durează diferit de la o companie la alta, în funcție de specificul și dimensiunea activității. Odată finalizată, ea va permite îmbunătățirea și automatizarea și a altor procese din fabrică.

În plus, digitalizarea și robotizarea – ca parte a conceptului Industry 4.0 – se vor face mult mai simplu, pe o structură de procese automatizate funcționale. Strategia de investiții va putea fi gândită mai bine, sustenabil, iar adaptarea la dinamicitatea pieței va fi mai facilă.

Ca orice altă schimbare, nici aceasta va fi ușoară, dar este obligatorie pentru orice companie care vrea să rămână competitivă și profitabilă.

Îți dorești să implementezi o aplicație pentru mentenanța echipamentelor din producție și nu știi de unde să începi?

Colegii noștri din departamentele de consultanță și implementare vin cu o experiență de peste 10 ani în implementări complexe în producție.

Întreabă-ne mai mult! Trimite un email la elena.ghinea@smartid.ro, pentru mai multe informații.

Smart ID partnering with Carrefour to support HOSPICE Casa Sperantei charitable Christmas concert

Smart ID Dynamics, the Romanian market leader in enterprise mobility solutions, has joined its trusted partner Carrefour Romania, and 28 more private companies in their charitable efforts dedicated to the wellbeing of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei beneficiaries.

The Christmas concert `A Sparkle for Hospice` took place on December 9th, at the National Opera House in Bucharest, where the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, directed by Andrei Tudor, the host, Cristian Leonte, and guest star Andra were accompanied by famous Romanian artists in their performance dedicated to raising funds and awareness on the needs of children and adults suffering from incurable diseases.

The donations will sustain over 2 million minutes of palliative care for HOSPICE Casa Sperantei’s 4.000 incurable patients and their families whose hopes look towards the future as well as to a dignified, spiritually and emotionally enriched life, however long or short that may be.

The future too is what drives Smart ID’s actions and the very reason for its participation in this year’s event.

„If we dare to lead the future, it is because we understand what it’s made of”, says Romeo Iacob, Managing Partner Smart ID Dynamics. „More and more businesses get connected through intelligent mobile devices, they use ground-breaking innovations in technology and software, but the purpose of it all is to offer great service to people. The human element is what defines our past, our present, and above all, our future. It is only natural to nurture it at all times and by all means possible. We’re grateful for being invited by our partner Carrefour to join this wonderful end-of-year event and celebrate, once again, invaluable lives”.

“Sparkling Moments” was organized by Carrefour and supported by Smart ID, WDP, Prime Kapital, DN1 Value Center, Nepi Rockcastle, Renovatio Trading, Element Industrial, Cushman Wakefield Echinox, AFI Cotroceni, P3 Logistic Parks, CBRE, Albalact, Mastercard, RBC, BRD Finance, BRD Societe Generale, Immofinanz, One United Properties, EY, Havas, Tuca Zbârcea & Asociații, Veranda Mall, Publicis, EMI, Graffiti PR, Marsh, Amalia Năstase Communication, Forbes and Forbes Life.

About Smart ID

Smart ID is the recognized IT leader in the Romanian industry. We have built a reputation of the most important provider and integrator of high technologies that make intensive environments great, ahead of time. The company offers connected, real-time applications for customers to succeeding in the hybrid digital-physical environment.

To reduce customer’s fulfillment cost Smart ID brings in knowledge and experience from complex implementations, process simplifications, mobility, automation and robotizations, all sustained by an in-depth understanding of digital transformation.

The company, set up in 2010 by two visionary entrepreneurs, Daniel Boangiu and Romeo Iacob, experts with over 20 years of experience in mobility and automation, reached a turnover of over 15 mil Euro in 2018 and a net profit of over 1.3 mil Euro.

Smart ID Dynamics received the recognition “Zebra Technologies Partner of the year 2018” in SEE & CEE

Bucharest 3 July 2019. Smart ID Dynamics, the Romanian market leader in enterprise mobility solutions, received the recognition ‘Partner of the Year in 2018” for Central and Eastern Europe at the Zebra Technologies Regional Partner’s Summit organized this year in Viena. This represent the recognition of the financial results the company registered in the Romanian market at the end of 2018 fiscal year – turnover, innovation, expertise, flexibility and loyalty.

Central and Easter Europe’s leadership position represent also the investment made during last years in building an innovative business model in the Romanian Market. This innovation allow Smart ID to build further on internal competitive advantage, in fast business processes and in a portfolio of solutions developed by our Technology Hub from Romania and Moldavia, hardly to copy paste by our main competitors.

At external level, we have always believe in flexibility and agility, on speed in taking action that meet the market dynamics needs, customer continuously changing needs and “me to” competition. We strongly believe that we are among few companies in the market that obtained incredible competitive advantages due to our ability to anticipate changes in market and further bringing continuously innovation in our business model” Daniel Boangiu, Managing Partner Smart ID Dynamics Romania & Moldova declared.

Smart ID is the recognized IT leader in the Romanian industry. We have built a reputation of the most important provider and integrator of high technologies that makes intensive environments great, ahead of times. The company offers connected, real time applications for customers to succeeding in the hybrid digital-physical environment. The company was set up in 2010 by two visionary entrepreneurs, Daniel Boangiu and Romeo Iacob, mobility and automations experts with over 20 years of experience, reach a turnover of over 15 mil Euro in 2018 and a net profit of over 1.3 mil Euro.

The company has over 100 employees and collaborators, a great certified team of stable certified experts following a smart program of team development and investment in teams, over the 8 years of acting in the Romanian market.

The  Smart ID teams of consultants is specialized in the development of enterprise solution for extreme environments, e.g. data collection in real time applied in industrial IOT, track and trace, stock and asset management, incident management, warehouse control systems, fiscal solution for retail applications etc.

“We enjoy the greatest recognition at the Zebra Regional Technology Summit in Viena that reinforce our lider position in the market, confirm the success of our strategy focused on innovating and customer needs in the markets we cover in this moment. We thank you our customers, multinational and local companies for trusting us during our collaboration


About Smart ID

Smart ID is the recognized IT leader in the Romanian industry. We have built a reputation of the most important provider and integrator of high technologies that makes intensive environments great, ahead of times. The company offers connected, real time applications for customers to succeeding in the hybrid digital-physical environment.

To reduce customer’s fulfillment cost Smart ID bring in knowledge and experience from complex implementations, process simplifications, mobility, automation and robotizations, all sustained by a in-depth understanding of digital transformation.


The company was set up in 2010 by two visionary entrepreneurs, Daniel Boangiu and Romeo Iacob, mobility and automations experts with over 20 years of experience, reach a turnover of over 15 mil Euro in 2018 and a net profit of over 1.3 mil Euro.

About Zebra Technologies

Zebra empowers those on the front line in retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and other industries to achieve a performance edge – an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results.

As the pioneer at the edge of the enterprise, our products, software, services, analytics and solutions are used to intelligently connect your people, assets and data. With decades of industry experience, we design with front-line users and workplaces in mind, giving you the best-action guidance needed to optimize in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions.

With over 10,000 partners across 100 countries, we are committed to delivering industry-tailored solutions that help our customers capture their edge

2019 October Expo: Smart ID Boot launched its own vision of Retail Transformation. Linx and NCR among Partners

How the Future of Retail is looking for  – Simplification, Automation and Modernization of Retail businesses to Better Serve Customers

During October, you met us at GoTech World and ExpoShop to discover the technologies that will lead your business to the future.

We’ve been thrilled to walk you through live testing of our solutions and demonstrate how to simplify, automate and modernize your business to better serve your customers and gain a competitive edge.

Here’s some of the highlights about the technologies that captured your interest:


The Innovative mobility solutions from Linx

These easy to use systems and intelligent Push-to-Talk devices allow you to connect your team from anywhere on the globe, even in situations of poor connectivity or very unfriendly environment.

You can collaborate effectively with your remote resources and have real time communication while providing them with continuous connection to data. You loved the intelligent dashboard that is used with the solution which allows operators to monitor to incredible details and accuracy the situation of the field units and was excited to learn about the bracelet with the panic button.

Take a look at all the features of this solution here


The self check-out stations from NCR

In a world where customer experience is driving business, it is imperative to provide the best in class solutions that saves their time and effort to get the things they want. The advanced self-service stations we showed you on display at EuroShop not only make help you create a modern front-end but also enable you to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, gain agility in handling your customer facing resources and make your store more profitable. Check out additional information about our Self Service Solutions here


The Personal Shopping Solution from Zebra

Because nobody likes to waste their precious time waiting in line to pay for their products, we bring you the perfect solution – scan as you go through the shop! Using a mobile device, you give customers a personalized journey through the store, enabling them to store their shopping list, guide them to the shelves to get their desired products and scan their discount coupons. They no longer need to wait, unload their products for check-out and pack them again.

And to help them identify your promotions, notify them on the device once they are in a designated area in the shop! Genious, isn’t it?

Find out more about the solution here


And did we tell you about the video rails? The labels that bring life to your shelves boosting your brand exposure, messaging, promotions, demos, etc… Ask us about them!

Our team is experienced with diverse and complex projects in automation of business processes and any solution that is based on data collection with 1D/2D barcode and RFID.

We team up with top producers to bring you the latest developments to help you streamline your activities and enable you to speed up your time to market and improve customer experience.


Get in touch!

SMART ID to launch a new digital presence, designed with customer trends and needs in mind

Bucharest, November 2019. We are Smartid Dynamics, the recognized IT leader in the Romanian industry and the most important provider and integrator of high technologies that makes intensive environments great, ahead of times, and we have just launched our new digital presence.  Based on our company objective to meet our customer’s goals to reduce complexity, shift the efficiency frontier, and to reduce their fulfillment costs, the new image is designed with our customer needs in mind.

With this new project we intend to bring more valuable customer experiences with improved information architecture, great content, social-driven approach, cutting edged web technologies, that improve customer interactions and simplifies conversation.

“We strongly believe that disruptions comes not from technology advancements but rather from unmet customer needs that inspire amazing innovations, are backed by new processes and a new way of thinking, all sustained by using advanced technologies to innovate, enhance speed, reduce cost and revolutionize the industries in which our customers operates. With digital transformation concept in mind we decided to start a completely new approach in our customer conversations, all based on industry trends, customer changing needs and anticipation of the future transformation” declare Daniel Boangiu, Managing Partner Smart ID Dynamics Romania.

We bring in new UX copywriting principles, where voice is playful, insightful, surprising and focused on translating future technologies into the present customer’ realities. Our design uses asymmetric shapes, broken quick layout, parallax techniques combined with awesome ideas,  video and motion effects and minimalist, clean design that allow the web to go faster and allow screen compatibility to give visitors an elegant impression. Different types of contents: texts, images, animations, video, sound are designed to map customer’s journey, influence by offering amazing micro-moments and unmatched experiences. At photography level we invite our customers to see us as real as we can be and as personally as possible. At technology level we shift the frontier from optimization to revolution, preparing for the next step to integrate with cutting web technologies” declared Romeo Iacob, General Manager

Our awarded writers invites people to access content that focus on performance, achievement, security and that is trustfulness by means of documentation, insight, vision, technology explanatory and helpful, useful and ready to apply in their activity. Build with our audience in mind our content use words to attract people and not to sell aggressively.

SmartID website reengineering is backed by close collaboration between Smart ID products experts, Amazing Soft – Software Development Company and Buzards.com – the remote marketing expert’s agency.


About SmartID

Smart ID is the recognized IT leader in the Romanian industry. We have built a reputation of the most important provider and integrator of high technologies that makes intensive environments great, ahead of times. We are offering you connected, real time applications for you to succeeding in the hybrid digital-physical environment.

The company is shifting customer’s company efficiency frontier. To reduce their fulfillment cost SmartID brings in knowledge and experience from complex implementations, process simplifications, mobility, automation and robotizations, all sustained by a in-depth understanding of digital transformation.

In state of emergency, coordination of the Intervention teams is key to minimize loss of lives and assets

Whether responding to an emergency or everyday service situation, the amount of coordination required between responders – be it evacuating a building on fire or trying to restore order after a disaster – requires investment in quality mobile communications systems.

Imagine a fire started in a building which is close a network of gas pipes fueling a whole neighborhood. When the fire intervention team will get immediate information from utility company about the location of the gas pipes, not only will they avoid further disaster unfolding but will allow the gas service to be restored much faster.

Local public safety departments must create and should be able to access dedicated public safety networks with “priority and pre-emption” status every day of the year – for regular police, fire and EMS response, and when tackling other natural disasters. When regular networks go down, it is critical to keep law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) connected to one another.

This is why it is your responsibility – as the agency lead, police or fire chief, IT director, field technician supervisor or perhaps procurement official – to ensure that every “responder” you dispatch to a call will have a mobile computer that will work no matter what and will be connected with operation coordinators. It is also your job to ensure your organization can stay in sync with other responding agencies, whether via voice communications or back-end data systems. Dedicated public safety networks and rugged mobile devices that are certified to work on those networks – and built to last in emergency situations – are certainly essential to any critical communications strategy.

Since public sector organizations don’t compete with one another, you can engage in, and greatly benefit from, collaborative procurement!


Just think how joint response scenarios could increase the accuracy of emergency response tracking, reduce risks and streamline command and control processes!

“Can you hear me now?” is a question a responder should never ask, especially not in the middle of an emergency response or in the wake of a natural disaster.

Forward thinking public and private organizations can jointly plan and execute infrastructure enhancements or emergency response initiatives to mitigate life-threatening situations. Such partnerships are already a norm in advanced economies where fire, police and rescue units are using this industry-first digital solution to improve coordination of on-scene resources and increase first responder accountability and incident reporting. Not only do such solutions help the rescue efforts, but also save important costs by ensuring better damage control and restoring order faster.


The rugged equipment is highly reliable as it is designed to work in heavily moisture conditions, dust, vibrations, extreme temperatures and provide daylight-readable touch screens.

Additional to the wearable or auto-mounted rugged equipment, a complete mobile kit for interventions can greatly benefit from the use of drones which capture video footage overhead and offer real-time guidance to mobile device-equipped responders on the ground. They are unarguably effective for public safety surveillance, comprehensive situational assessment, locating of victims and even delivering aid.

Just imagine how valuable such equipment can be mountain rescuers, forest rangers, firefighters, police chase and more, in almost daily situations when it is critical to plan and organize response immediately.

The concerted and ongoing efforts behind the scenes, far in advance of any emergency, reduce the risk of chaos and protect lives. And the communication technology decisions made today ensure that your hometown’s emergency response strategy can be executed according to plan if a situation were to arise tomorrow.

The challenge for public safety and utility organizations – as first and second responders – is to review the emergency response plans focusing on the communication strategy.

It is your joint responsability to equip the intervention teams with the right technologies on hand to make sure that you can ensure coordination and maintain communications with them and the co-participants at all times. It is up to you to ensure that communication can flow even if traditional mobile networks go down.

We help you engineer the cooperation plan that will work as it’s supposed to. We’ll bring you international experience and top of the line solutions to ensure your emergency response plans and your services work as they’re designed to when unwanted situations arise.


Get in touch!

Tobacco Products Directive: You have to comply with the TPD or risk facing financial consequences

As of May 20, 2019, all organizations within the tobacco distribution chain must ensure that their operations comply with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) or risk facing financial and business consequences. The EU Directive is designed to stop the sale of counterfeited tobacco products and ensure that tax revenues are collected and requires all tobacco stakeholders to be able to track and trace the movement of tobacco products to the point of sale to consumer.

Under the traceability system:

  • All unit packets of tobacco products must be marked with the unique identifier
  • Relevant economic operators (namely tobacco supply chain operators) involved in tobacco trade will be required to record the movements of these packets throughout the supply chain and transmit the related information to a European Data Repository
  • The data will then be made accessible to the authorities of EU countries and to the European Commission for enforcement purposes.

To help you comply to the TPD Directive, Smart ID Dynamics offers you Smart.Tracing – a complete solution intended for wholesalers and retailers of tobacco products which aim to comply with the requirements of the European Directive.

The solution consists of:

  1. Durable, hand held mobile devices from leading provider Zebra, capable of reading the required codes (e.g. dot code, data matrix, linear bar code).
  2. Robust Software Application – a combination of intelligent software, applications and utilities to allow economic operators to identify products and packaging, check their validity, record the business process step and transmit the data to the relevant European data-repositories. The solution is multilingual and is comprised of the following modules:

The BackOffice Module (BO) – provides administration, configuration and information functionality about the operations performed;

The FrontOffice (FO) module – the software application that communicates with the mobile terminals within the system;

The application can integrate with your existing systems and can exchange data with the help of web services, text files or databases.

The Smart.Track and Trace is the optimal solution for the challenges generated by the TPD, as it intervenes in the key points of the processes regulated by the norm.

Get in touch and allow us to lead you through the path of compliance with Europen Tobacco Product Directive.

How do you respond to the challenges of the Omnichannel?

With 41% of consumers using two or more channels during purchase process, achieving flawless fulfillment has become more of a challenge than ever.

Businesses are trying to embrace increasing volume, rising velocity and variation coming from the different channels and optimize order delivery to customers.

That always-connected, tech-savvy shopper expects a seamless, faster purchasing journey, whether she’s buying online and picking up in store or wants her merchandise delivered in two hours to her door.


E-commerce is driving transformational change end to end in the supply chain: manufacturers, wholesalers and retails are increasingly collaborating out of necessity to meet the demands. To the manufacturer it is an opportunity for true innovation – now they can introduce new channel.

How can retailers effectively compete and be more efficient in terms of shifting inventory?

How can manufacturers be more efficient in leveraging their own brand as well as continue their partnership with the brick and mortar retailers?

How can they thrive in a market that has essentially been disrupted at it’s core?


With e-commerce currently accounting for 15-20% globally (or 30-40% in the developed markets), complete digital transformation of the supply chain that addresses key pain points is imminent.

Companies are turning to digital technology and analytics to bring automation, merchandise visibility and business intelligence to the supply chain to compete in the on-demand consumer economy.

Real time location solutions, tracking location of people, materials, assets will be critical technologies to help companies operate more effectively in this new environment.

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