What Benefits You Can Expect

We care about our employee to live a healthy life and have a work - life equilibrium.
We have adopted a consultative approach and we have frequent open discussion about the future of our employee.
Take a look at our portfolio of benefits:

Healthcare Insurance

We cover your medical insurance and allow you to take up to 3 day of free days for usual seek. Take care of your health and we take of your development.

Bookster Access

Reading is important for us. We strongly believe is also for you. In order to support your personal and professional development we grant you access to books and digital and library.

Holiday Benefits

Legislation limit us at 21 days of vacation for every of our employee. Our company increase your holiday according with your number of working years just for you to have enough time to recharge your batteries.

Other Free Days

Your Birthday is the most important day of the year. We celebrate this with a free day to enjoy to spend it with the dearest ones. You can count also on flexible program and short Friday working day.

Fresh Fruits and Drinks

We bring fresh fruits once a month and free water, coffee and tea. When hard working days come is nice to have some energizers, vitamins and a selection of good coffee for your to gain the necessarily energy.

Other Compensations

We can offer you an attracting package including financial compensation, access to training and personal development. You can count on us to provide you a company car also, should you apply for our management positions.

How is Life in Smart ID

Some days are crazy to be honest.
But when you have a team of professionals that supports you and make your life better no hard day is hard enough.
Take a look at an usual working day in Smart ID.

A working day starts with managers debriefing

Latest news in SmartID

Stay tuned with latest news, opened position and latest information available
from our colleges working in the Human Relations Department.


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