Case study – Groupe Renault migrates to a digital vehicle testing process in its Technical Testing Center in Titu

Renault Technologie Roumanie is the engineering center of Groupe Renault in Romania. 2,300 engineers design here smart, affordable, reliable, and modern solutions with customers’ expectations in mind. Duster and the all-new models unveiled at the end of 2020 (third generation Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway) are designed, tested and manufactured in Romania.


Complete automotive chain: customer surveys, design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, business services, after-sales and financial services

  • 6 billion (euro) turnover across all Groupe Renault operations in Romania (2019)
  • 3% share in GDP
  • 7% share in exports
  • 3 billion (euro) total investments
  • 17,000 employees across all sectors
  • 1,500 automotive suppliers in Romania
  • 108 Dacia & Renault sales outlets
  • Dacia has the highest market share in Romania
  • 85% of the production of Mioveni plant is exported

Titu Technical Testing Center

With over 32 km of testing track and 52,000 structures on 350 hectares, Titu Technical Center, part of RTR, is home to Renault Technologie Roumanie engineering center.

Over 800 employees use every day leading edge technologies and tools to test vehicles at various design stages and in various weather and road conditions.

At Titu Technical Testing Center, Renault Technologie Roumanie teams perform complex tests and thoroughly assess vehicle behavior in particular usage conditions in accordance with a validation procedure prior to manufacturing.

Some Dacia models have been altered based on the feedback from the international markets, in some cases over 100 versions being available, such as those manufactured for tropical climates and heavy monsoon rainfalls, or those designed for extremely cold climates where temperature goes much below zero.

Vehicles or certain vehicle parts are subjected to hours of tests in sun simulators, cold and rain chambers at various intensities or on roller benches where the clutch, the gearbox, and the accelerator are activated in settings similar to real-life driving conditions.

Vehicles are also tested in a “quiet room” – a soundproof acoustic enclosure – in order to assess the impact of the various outside noises on the occupants, and in a special shop, where a robot opens and closes the vehicle doors and the trunk lid.

These durability tests last no less than 10 weeks during which orange robots open and close the driver’s door 100,000 times, the front passenger door 75,000 times and the trunk lid 30,000 times; the hood is opened 3,000 times.

Extensive software tests are also performed. The durability of the vehicle parts is tested at extreme temperatures ranging from -20ºC to +80ºC.

Titu Technical Center is the only RTR center of this type in Romania; it ranks second in the world in terms of size.

Challenges faced by Renault Testing Center in the vehicle validation process

Each year, the tests carried out at the center in Titu cover eight million kilometers, a distance equal to 200 times around the world, and 450,000 hours of test bench trials, which is equivalent to 52 years of vehicle life.

On a regular day, over 80 vehicles can be tested. In accordance with the standard testing procedures, a vehicle is subjected to tests covering up to 50,000 km, for seven hours, across three shifts. Tests can last up to three months for a single vehicle. These tests simulate intensive usage and are equivalent to several years of real use by a customer.

“Imagine ten types of tracks, including a fast track, a city track, a sloping track, a cobblestone track, and a wet handling circuit, which simulate various road conditions a driver may face, from countryside roads to big city traffic or highways. The driver must record whatever they notice – for example, any abnormal noise, or if the seat or the armrest feels uncomfortable. In addition, for validation purposes, the driver must drive at a particular speed”, says Roxana Furduescu, Chef de Projet Performance WP et Roulage.

Until last year, the data collected during these tests were recorded by hand on paper forms. The process was quite difficult to manage, as several sheets of paper used to be printed every day for each vehicle. Consequently, the data volume resulting from the processing of these records was difficult to manage, process and analyze.

The Project: Setting up of a digital vehicle validation process for Dacia range

The deployment of a digital validation process for Dacia range aimed not only to eliminate paper forms, and to reduce the related costs, but also to achieve seamless coordination of all resources involved in vehicle validation, to eliminate human errors associated with manual data entry, and to centralize data in a mobile and web-based application allowing for a detailed analysis of all historical data collected in the validation process.

However, the crucial factors in favor of this decision were quality assurance and compliance with the relevant international regulations, and an easier management of the validation process for each vehicle.

The Solution for the digital transformation of the vehicle validation process: Driving Test Management

In order to make the job easier for the drivers and to achieve a better coordination of the project teams, Renault Testing Center needed a rugged, vehicle-mountable tablet that could be used in specific testing conditions. On a regular workday, a driver would pick up the tablet at the start of the shift and take it everywhere with them during the testing time.

Tablete Zebra ET51
Tablete Zebra ET51

“At the end of a very thorough selection process, RTR chose Zebra ET51 tablets for the testing operations conducted at Titu Testing Center and Smart ID provision and maintenance services. The project was implemented from October 2020 to November 2020. Zebra Technologies tablets met all the requirements of the project, particularly due to the high resolution display which delivered sharp text and clear graphics and was easy to read, including in bright sunlight or rain, and proved to be a valuable tool in relation to the testing environment and conditions.”  Roxana Furduescu, Chef de Projet Performance WP et Roulage.

Following the deployment of Zebra tablets, for each vehicle model entering testing, sequential data is uploaded into the DTM (Driving Test Management) application as part of a specific process. All paper records have been replaced by digital forms in which the driver enters the required information. All the driver has to do is take over the car, enter the mileage, and fill in the information in the assessment form. Zebra tablets offer drivers enhanced operational flexibility. Data can be entered more quickly and easily following a predefined sequence, and can be transferred to the web-based application at the end of each shift.

Besides the driver, a technician, a mechanic (in case repairs are needed) and the team lead who validates the information at the end of each workday are also involved in the process.

Designed for intensive environments, Zebra ET51 is built to handle repeated drops to concrete and plywood and to continue to operate. IP65 sealing makes ET51 your best workmate in all environments – in rain, snow, dust, vibrations, and extreme temperatures (from -20°C to 50°C).

In vehicle testing, where every second counts, and any noise or any abnormal operation has to be recorded in real time, it is important that drivers have a reliable tablet that allows them to focus on their job, not on issues relating to connectivity, operation, readability, battery drain, etc. Zebra tablets are built to handle everything and to continue to operate without causing any disruption in the workflow.

The 4,950 mAh battery powers a full eight-hour shift, but, in exceptional circumstances, a second 3,400 mAh hot-swappable battery may be added. The 2MP camera enables video calling over the Wi-Fi or cellular network, allowing workers to get instant help from a remote expert, co-worker or supervisor. The product also integrates an 8MP rear-facing camera.

“We worked very well with the Smart ID team since the start of the project. We were assisted by a skilled consulting team, ready to tackle any challenge posed by the project; they brought into this project their know-how and expertise gained across complex projects, but also their experience as a Zebra Technologies partner for more than 20 years”, says Roxana Furduescu, Chef de Projet Performance WP et Roulage.


Project Benefits

Lower project costs

Digital processes and elimination of paper-based recordings

Coordination of the main processes and resources required for the validation of driving tests

Less data entry errors

Time savings due to digital data collection

Implementation of DTM auditing procedures allowing to view drivers’ reports and to resume the process where nonconformities are found

Increased brand awareness – vehicle testing and validation processes help to avoid huge costs caused by vehicle recalls


Smart ID to Join Main Partners’ Social Responsibility Campaigns Against COVID-19

Why the disinfection of mobile computers, tablets, printers, scanners, and other devices is critical to infection control in workplaces and public spaces

Bucharest, March 11th, 2020. Smart ID, the recognized leader in the Romanian IT Industry and one of the most important Partner of technology manufacturers like Zebra Technology, NCR, Datalogic, SES-imagotag, Avery Berkel, Advantech, Panasonic, SOTI to name few, is to align starting today, 11th of March 2020, to main Partners social responsibility campaigns to inform the Romanian Customers about the disinfection of their mobile devices.

With a portfolio of top customers in Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare and Utilities industries, Smart ID involves itself in one of the most important awareness campaigns of the year, with the final goal to help customers understand the importance of disinfection in a correct manner.

While the main recommendation of the authorities involved in COVID-19 fight is to first wash our hands, in the workforce environment, it is also important to clean the Devices we touched all day long.

“There are many ways to disinfect the devices our customers use in the workplace and public spaces, but it is only one way to do it correctly. To protect the front line workers that use our products in warehouses, manufacturing, stores, and routes or in public services, we centralized starting today, on our webpage, all sources of information coming from our main partners related to COVID-19 fight” declared Daniel Boangiu, owner of Smart ID Romania & Moldavia, quoting a recent Zebra Technology position with regards to COVID-19. 

What you can find here:

  • Smart ID’s entire portfolio of mobile computers, scanners, and printers with disinfection instructions;
  • Key requirements considered by the main Partners in designing the products;
  • Guidance on how to clean and disinfect the devices once they are installed in the field.
  • How to deploy a cleaning protocol for Zebra products as well as for other Partners;
  • Cleaning agents that are safe to use, including the purity or formulation levels for each ingredient, as well as the cleaning agents that should never be used.
  • Precautions and best practices for handling the device during cleaning processes

Are you and your employees doing everything needed, on a routine, to prevent shared technology tools from becoming a potential source of virus transmission?

You can always contact our Support team if you have questions.

And here there are the updates coming from all our Partners:

Update Covid-19

11th of March, 2020. Zebra Technologies Guidelines

See the detailed guidelines on how to disinfect healthcare variants of Zebra scannersprinters, and mobile computers.

For non-healthcare models of Zebra products, look up the User Guide for your exact model on the Support section of our Partner Zebra Technology’ website and turn to the Cleaning Instructions section. For example, the TC57 user guide has detailed information starting on page 212. Simply search the document for “clean”.

User Guides with step-by-step instructions on how to thoroughly disinfect the casing, buttons, and screen (if applicable) and more.

Whitepaper “Best Practices for Infection Prevention” which was written by Darrel Hicks, a recognized expert in infection control – a solid foundation for health companies as well as for companies in all industries when taking additional precautions to protect the health of staff and customers.

11th of March, 2020. Update Advantech Press Release regarding Covit-19

Advantech’s live Data Platform, which is providing customers, partners, and employees with the latest information available, can be accessed here: Updates go live at 14:00, every Tuesday and Friday. The company employs 8,000 people around the globe, with nearly 3,400 employees based in China (including direct and indirect employment).

You can find the press release here.

Zebra RS5100 Bluetooth Ring Scanner - Retail Application

Small, yet versatile – Zebra RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Handsfree scanners are the next-generation wearable devices engaging workers and enabling maximized efficiency. Furthermore, the minimal design creates exceptional experiences in customer-facing areas, as well as in the warehouse.

Zebra’s new RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner combines versatility and features to offer the best-in-class benefits when it comes to productivity wearables.

Point-and-shoot scanning simplicity

The RS5100 finger scanner takes the ease-of-use and manageability to a new level.

This rugged, yet comfortable device, features two scanning options. The SE4710 delivers high-performance scanning with red illumination and orange LED aiming spot. The global shutter sensor and high-end lens in the SE4770 offer high-performance scanning, and superior motion tolerance, ideal for intensive scanning applications. The SE4770’s crisp red laser cross-hair aimer is available with white or red illumination.

Both scanning engines enable your workforce to quickly and accurately capture virtually any barcode. The PRZM Intelligent Imaging, a megapixel sensor, and Zebra’s superior algorithm help your workers near-instantly scan damaged, dirty, or poorly printed 1D and 2D barcodes.

Ensuring continuity in operations for enterprises of all levels

The technology behind the RS5100 offers a solution to one of the realities in warehouse operations: electrostatic discharge. Concrete floors often destroy sensitive electronics.

Thus, Zebra’s RS5100 was specifically built to surpass competitors, by handling higher levels of electrostatic discharge, making it a safe long-term wearable choice.

As with any product coming from the world-leading technology provider, Zebra, durability is a key feature.

RS5100 was designed to resist countless drops, bumps or even high-pressure water flows. Compared to other finger scanners on the market, it’s not using a hook-and-loop fastener. Instead, a metal buckle and nylon straps make sure that the scanner is cost-effective for any business, allowing several years of usage.

A lower Total Cost of Ownership is also easier to achieve, thanks to the rechargeable battery. And there’s a choice here too. The standard battery lasts for 12 hours or 14,400 scans on a single charge. The extended PowerPrecision+ battery is meant for colder environments and longer shifts.

To gain full control of the wearable’s battery lifetime, workers can view and manage notifications in the device’s PowerPrecision Console.

The RS5100 single finger scanner meets all expectations in high-volume and time-sensitive operations. The trigger assembly is removable and swappable, and each of its elements can be replaced on-site.

For the backroom cost-efficiency and time management, Zebra has designed the ShareCradles that can charge 20 RS5100 ring scanners or 40 RS5100 batteries.

The RS5100 – mobile workers’ favorite in usability and design

Unlike other finger scanners, Zebra’s RS5100 is very small, which makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Workers can choose between the right and the left-hand placement, or they can wear it on a lanyard. Either way, the risk of losing this finger scanner is greatly reduced.

The RS5100 is also very precise in scanning, especially in tight areas. The sensor calculates a bigger “sweet spot” during barcode recognition, to make scanning a lot faster and accurate.

It also helps mobile workers easily identify the flow of the operations – the LED illumination indicates the direction in which a worker needs to go next.

The Bluetooth technology built-in the RS5100 single finger scanners ensures compatibility with virtually any other Zebra enterprise-class mobile device. It also features NFC for pairing with other NFC-ready Zebra devices, saving important operational time.

Business benefits

  • Faster operations, with every time capture or barcodes
  • Simplified mobility deployment (by using the same ring scanner across all operations levels)
  • Increased productivity, more scannings performed per hour
  • A best-in-class rugged design built to last for years
  • High-capacity flexible ShareCradles, minimizing devices’ management time and maintenance

Top 5 applications for Zebra’s RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth scanner

Transportation and Logistics



  • Picking
  • Sorting and put away
  • Packing


Field Service

  • Route accounting
  • Package verification

View here the full specifications of the new RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Scanner.

Already convinced? Talk to Smart ID specialists or request a quote here.

ZXP9 - Zebra's new 600DPI Retransfer Card Printer

Zebra ZXP Series 9 Retransfer Card Printer

Zebra Technologies, a world leader in label printing equipment, has announced the launch of the ZXP Series 9™ retransfer printer, best in class in its premium card printer product line.

Delivering exceptional quality and characteristics, and a brand new 600 DPI option, the printer features a user-selectable print quality mode allowing users to optimize for print speed or sharpen print quality.

Using Zebra’s Color Predictive Technology, the ZXP Series 9 monitors printing and automatically adapts settings based on tested, patented image-processing algorithms to consistently produce the highest print quality.

Meeting demanding enterprise needs for high-performance, the ZXP Series 9™ retransfer printer will:

  • Print borderless, over-the-edge cards,
  • Produce rich, deep colors, crisp text, and borders with 600 dpi,
  • Offer user-defined standard and fine print quality options,
  • Print on uneven card surfaces (like smartcards),
  • Print the same quality from the first to the last card, even from a cold start,
  • Deliver more durable and abrasion-resistant cards.

Design and security with one fast and reliable printer

The latest to the ZXP Series 9™, the new product was developed specifically for entities with Secure Cards ID requirements. Custom laminates (that can be purchased separately from Zebra partners) can be embedded with various security elements, such as visual holograms, micro-text, UV fluorescent images, guilloche patterns, and metallic inks.

The dual-sided, simultaneous retransfer process provides top-tier printing, encoding and laminating through output. Unlike mid-range competitors, Zebra’s Series 9 retransfer printer uses dye-based ink to produce more vibrant prints and to render very fine details better.

Authentic Zebra supplies and accessories for enriched printing experience and safety

The range of supplies for Zebra’s high security retransfer card printer includes cards, printer ribbons, cleaning supplies and especially card laminates and overlays.

Zebra offers two options for laminates: stock and custom. The tamper-resistant film, which is available for custom laminates, combined with the device’s capability to print micro or hidden text, makes it a perfect candidate for government or private sector organizations where security demands are higher.

Common applications for custom laminates include government identification cards, driver’s license, employee identification or access control cards, membership and loyalty cards.

Competitive in price and features

When it comes to performance, the ZXP Series 9 delivers print speeds up to 190 cards per hour. It also provides an extremely low cost-per-card operation with the patented waste-free laminate design.

This design eliminates the need for the printer to mechanically flip cards during production, reducing the risk of mechanical errors and card jams. It also enables a 30% cost savings compared to competitors.

Top features in the new ZXP Series 9 Retransfer Card Printer

  • Full color or monochrome printing
  • Standard and fine print quality options
  • Single and dual-sided printing
  • Print speed up to 190* cards per hour
  • Image quality (300 or 600 dpi)
  • Borderless printing (over the edge)
  • USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet Connectivity
  • 150 card capacity
  • 6-line LCD display
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Contact/contactless smart code encoding
  • NFC print touch
  • QR code technology
  • Auto media calibration

Recommended applications

  • High and Mid-Volume Applications
  • High-Security ID and Access Control Cards
  • Government IDs, Cards and Access Control Cards
  • Employee, Student and Staff ID and Access Control Cards
  • Personalized Gift, Membership and Loyalty Cards
  • Smart Cards in Travel, Gaming, and Entertainment

View here the full specifications of the new ZXP Series 9™ Retransfer Card Printer.

Already convinced? Talk to Smart ID specialists or request a quote here.

Ce terminal mobil folositi pentru a creste eficienta in retail, depozit sau in transporturi?

Intra pe IDmag si afla totul despre Zebra MC3300 - terminalul mobil care va redefini eficienta in business in 2018

Fii primul care testează terminalul mobil care va redefini eficiența in business în 2018.

Cu terminalul robust mobil cu Android de la Zebra, MC3300, cu performanță industrială, folosit cu precădere în retail, depozite și transporturi puteți capta toate tipurile de coduri de bare 1D si 2D de la o distanță de până la 18 m. Comparativ cu modelele anterioare, utilizatorii vor observa imediat ecranul tactil mai mare de 4 inch. Este posibilă introducerea manuală a datelor datorită tastaturii situate dedesubt – chiar și atunci când utilizatorul poarta mănuși. Acest model beneficiază de 29, 38 sau 47 taste numerice, funcționale si alfanumerice.


Intra pe IDmag si afla totul despre Zebra MC3300 - terminalul mobil care va redefini eficienta in business in 2018


Cum puteți crește productivitatea, eficiența și confortul de la un terminal mobil? Noul model Zebra MC3300 poate fi configurat în patru moduri oferindu-vă opțiuni pentru fiecare utilizare. Toate acestea sunt proiectate a fi ergonomice și performante .


Intra pe IDmag si afla totul despre Zebra MC3300 - terminalul mobil care va redefini eficienta in business in 2018


Când spunem mai multe date capturate si o performanta mai buna, chiar așa este, deoarece noul terminal mobil Zebra MC3300 captează date de la distanță de până la 18 m. Evaluează scenariile de scanare cu impact redus și cu impact mare, scanează fiabil cu intervale scurte, intermediare și lungi. Capturează cu precizie mai multe coduri de bare printr-o singură tragere a declanșatorului.


Intra pe IDmag si afla totul despre Zebra MC3300 - terminalul mobil care va redefini eficienta in business in 2018


Noul terminal mobil Zebra MC3300 este robust, rezistând căderilorde la 5 metri și răsucirilor de la 3 metri. Proiectat cu standard IP54 este sigilat împotriva prafului și protejat împotriva căzăturilor, iar ecranul tactil este fabricat din sticlă Gorilla, rezistentă la zgâriere. Cu toate acestea, este destul de elegant și sofisticat pentru orice magazin.


Intra pe IDmag si afla totul despre Zebra MC3300 - terminalul mobil care va redefini eficienta in business in 2018


Noul terminal mobil Zebra MC3300 vă oferă conexiuni puternice ale afacerii cu o mai mare eficiență, productivitate și profitabilitate. Acest lucru se datorează faptului că permite colegilor să se conecteze într-o clipă cu ajutorul serviciului WorkForceConnectWi-Fi și a funcțiilor push-to-talk.


Intra pe IDmag si afla totul despre Zebra MC3300 - terminalul mobil care va redefini eficienta in business in 2018


Cu noul terminal mobil Zebra MC3300, veți primi și accesoriile care oferă companiei dvs. un avantaj suplimentar. Tocurile și centurile de mână ajută muncitorii să lucreze confortabil. Iar suporturile noastre de încărcare și alte accesorii sunt compatibile cu modelele MC3200.


Intra pe IDmag si afla totul despre Zebra MC3300 - terminalul mobil care va redefini eficienta in business in 2018


Cu noul terminal mobil Zebra MC3300, vă veți îmbunătăți operațiunile beneficiind deo tranziție la cel mai bun sistem de operare pentru afaceri: Android.



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