How do we support the introduction of innovative retail technologies?

Bucharest, November 2022. Smart ID solutions are tailored to address the needs of the company’s customers – from software design, development, and implementation to complex automation projects. As the leading local supplier of technology, the company is constantly attuned to the dynamic trends in the market, while anticipating the specific needs of its most important business partners. What are the key options available to large retailers in the present-day context?

Smart ID is a technology company that supplies its clients customized end-to-end automation solutions that are designed to simplify workflows, optimize costs, and increase productivity. The solutions provided by Smart ID are designed for companies that operate in a variety of sectors, such as Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Healthcare.

How have the relationships between retailers and customers changed?

In consideration of the current social and political context, Smart ID has analyzed the changes brought about by the evolution of technology and the sanitary crisis in the retail industry and in all supply chain processes, as well the relationships between retailers and end-consumers from the perspective of their expectations and behaviors.

The pandemic has fueled market transformation as part of the business decisions in the retail industry: migration to new technologies, introduction of innovative equipment in stores, new promotion channels, and new payment systems. In addition, the business climate and the sanitary restrictions have influenced customer behavior and their perception of the benefits and reliability of e-commerce. As a result, consumers are increasingly using smart devices to search, compare, and buy products and services.

The impact of market changes on the retail industry

There is a trend towards an increased blending of e-commerce and traditional stores as a result of the digital transformation of the entire retail value chain. Digital payment systems support the emergence of new capabilities in retail, logistics, marketing, and even upstream – at the stage of product development.

Thus, retailers benefit from new data and tools that help them reduce costs, boost online and in-store sales, and also improve customer service and shopping experience both in e-commerce and the local brick-and-mortar retail (stores of all sizes).

Avery Berkel
Zebra Kiosk CC6000
Zebra ET40/45
Zebra PS20
Zebra TC2X
Cust2Mate Cart
Smart Lockers
NCR Self CheckOut
ESL SES-imagotag
Zebra TC5X

End-user centricity – AI-assisted Customer Experience: artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in the retail industry (and especially in Customer Journey), and Smart ID is among its greatest supporters. Customer convenience has become increasingly important, including with respect to shopping delivery. Customers can pick up their parcels directly from Smart Lockers (available 24/7), a solution that offers benefits in terms of mobility.

Targeted recommendations or customized experience? Smart ID offers various options based on smart software solutions integrating a friendly and easy-to-use interface: NCR SelfCheckOut and Cust2Mate Smart Cart Platform.

Improved customer/store associate interaction: Customer Service is key to creating the best shopping experience for customers, increasing basket size and value, and boosting customer loyalty to a brand or a store.

Smart ID also offers Sceptrum Retail ERP, a proprietary solution designed to help retailers obtain improved real-time operational visibility and to free staff from performing repetitive tasks. Thus, staff can focus on delivering assistance to customers.

Digital transformation and automation of tasks performed by staff/data-driven decision making: demand prediction, inventory management, supply orders, in-store data collection using electronic shelf labels and the V:Rail solution by SES Imagotag. In addition, integrated Zebra hardware accelerates store transformation: ET40/ET45TC2XTC5XPS20CC600, and CC6000 support a variety of automation options, including barcode scanning, printing, inventory counting, and promotions and advertising via reading of electronic labels.

As all these data are very important for operational and business analysis, Smart ID offers retailers a series of in-house developed software solutions (the core solution Sceptrum Retail ERP and the integrated Business Intelligence module for the interpretation of collected data). Dedicated solutions help retailers provide flexible services, adapt to market developments, and maintain relationships with suppliers.

What does the future of retail look like?

We are currently witnessing a shift towards the wider adoption of new technologies that reshape retail: automation of in-store and back-end workflows, greater focus on loss prevention and cost reduction, AI-driven data analysis, and, above all, customer centricity (simpler, faster, and better response to customer needs).

This is because while technology and omnichannel architecture are important, in the end, it is people and their expectations and assumptions about the shopping experience that matter most.

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