Now is the right time to embrace the digitalization and automation of medical services. SmartID brings in revolutionary technologies, innovations and new capabilities to help you lead the future of healthcare.

Automate to meet budget limitations

Digitizing your healthcare operations with an integrated solutions that are naturally embedded into your present and future infrastructure helps reduce long term costs, avoid investments in multiple licenses and automate the entire patient journey.

Achieve higher business results

Workflows efficiency, costs savings from eliminating manually intensive tasks, strong data security and accuracy in a scalable environment are guaranteed to positively impact the worth of your business.

Essential insights for evolution

The immense data variety that can be collected through automation from all levels of hospitals, pharmacies or other medical facilities, enable managers in making bold decision and gaining competitive advantages in their market.

Save labor costs and boost efficiency

Going paperless and using mobility solutions to automate your staff activities is a big time saver for your clinically trained employees, elevating them to higher roles, and improving the quality of the care services they provide to patients and customers.

Control your assets

Automating the chain of custody is key in preventing disorganization, losing or even theft of medical devices, allowing precise tracking and location of any asset, lowering operational expenses, and creating more secure processes.

Superior care service for patients

Health sector IT automation ultimately ensures patient safety, prevents life-altering events caused by human error and increases patient participation and trust in a system where the person-to-person connection is still vital.


SmartID is dedicated to offer you a suite of naturally embedded technologies and innovations that enable you to align your corporate financial objectives with increased productivity and engagement of the workforce, with a single aim to improve the quality of patient care.


SmartID designs solutions that help you focus more on patients’ care than about bureaucracy by automating your staff tasks along the entire patient life care

Assets Management

Achieve unparalleled performance with a completely automation system that helps you visualize any item in the value chain, from the entry point to safe disposal. We are prepared to help you make the first step in the digitalization of your company.

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Patient identification

From admission to discharge, our patient identification solutions allow you to access and confirm essential patient information throughout the entire care journey. Make your services safe, now!

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Electronic prescription

Revolutionize your pharmacy with fast, reliable and durable devices ready for any type of scan your business requires, guaranteed to fit your budget, and seamlessly integrate with any pre-existing pharmacy software.

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Real-Time Patient location

Staff management and accountability are ensured using the UWB world-class platform that enables real-time location retrieval. The system includes Sensors, Tags, Vision Reader, Wand, and the UWB Hub.

Wristband printers and scanners

The advanced hospital wristband printers and scanners from Zebra allow healthcare professionals to verify patient identity and information, from intake through diagnosis and treatment.

Robust barcode scanners

Featuring built-in led light, indispensable in low light conditions, long-lasting battery that can read up to 75.000 barcodes until next charge and designed to withstand multiple drops or harsh surfaces.


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