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The latest technologies in virtual networking, virtual meetings, unified communications, virtual desktops as well as the increasing popularity of the latest mobile equipment have radically changed the way companies and employees place their activities. The information available anytime, anywhere and the employees willing to use it accordingly are transforming mobility in a new technological wave that has already begun to set new rules for companies but also for employees.

The benefits are simple. For companies that are using field work force, the mobility applications and hardware equipment are offering instant access to the latest business information, are accelerating the speed of response to customer demands, are helping employees to be more flexible, are simplifying their daily tasks and are motivating and encouraging them to make documented decisions, are streamlining business processes and are making clients the center of companies’ daily preoccupations.

Both the competitivity and profitability of companies are increasing with fast return on latest technology investments. “Just think about how good the sales force of a company would do if it were equipped with the latest mobility applications and hardware providing acces to the most performant mobile customer management applications, with the abilities, for example, to capture information from documents, to print and sign ensurance contracts on-site and to identify at any time and place a client with an urgent need for a life or material goods ensurance. Or how fast they could sign utility, telecom or services subscriptions by having a field agent equipped with a multifunctional tablet or smartphone, with access to CRM, ERP or SFA, being able to access stock information and to process customer orders right from their location, thus accelerating income from new revenue? These are the kind of applications implemented by SmartID, the specialist in mobility solutions that cover customers’ needs and demands for real time acces to business information” states Daniel Boangiu, Managing Partner, Smart ID.

The SmartID solutions are built on a platform that is flexible, solid, easy to configure and install, with over one million implementations worldwide. SmartID has a complete mobility applications portfolio: from revenue collection applications to Sales Force Automation (SFA), mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM), workforce management, asset management, stock management, warehouse management, positioning and navigation systems for transportation and logistics, order management and ticketing – for industries such as: government, retail, delivery, transportation and logistics, utilities, security services, installations, medical and healthcare services. All these applications are developed on the same platform, independent of the used database or operating system, easy to install and to customize, user friendly, easy to update and control from a remote location.

To ensure implementation success, SmartID specialists are evaluating already existing technologies and are developing and deploying a unique mobility strategy concept, that integrates multiple platforms (Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android, Iphone, Ipad, Web) regardless of the number of users and type of equipment. SmartID is an important partner of the largest international players in mobility: Motorola, Honeywell, Psion, DataLogic, Zebra, Skeye – which enables us to offer multiple support levels according to the applications and hardware portfolio owned by our clients. “Along with applications’ convergence and mobility equipment, we will be able to see a new generation of companies but also a new generation of employees, much more performant and better trained, simply equipped with a scanphone and a mobile printer, but with instant acces to client identification data by just reading a code, that will be able to instantly prepare, print and sign a service contract, at the same time preparing and tranferring the client’s file in the client management application” states Daniel Boangiu, Managing Partner, Smart ID.


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