MOBILITY MEGATREND – the productive employee is mobile and hyperconnected

Most mobile employees are becoming hyperconnected as industrial equipment is becoming both inceasingly complex, with advancements in development of cutting edge technologies and easier to use, regarding embedded functionalities. The boundary between commercial and industrial equipment has been aggressively reduced with employees becoming more willing and in need to access information at any time and place. The traditional boundaries between offices and field operations have disappeared as well. The mobile employee, no matter the industry he/she is working in, logistics and transportation, mail, health, utilities, telecom, production, sales, field services, needs instant, fast, efficient access to more resources in order to respond quickly to increasingly informed customers.

The mobile employee is the hyperconnected employee. He/she has real time access to all business applications needed to get his/her job done effectively and efficiently: ERP, WMS, CRM, SFA, WFMS. This employee can issue, print, place orders and access stocks, compare company’s products to competitors’ , train the field sales force in real time while responding to customer requests received from diverse communication channels. The same employee can instantly verify equipment maintenance stages, if and where spare parts have been delivered, when field installations have been repaired and verified last time, who and when accomplished the repair, total cost of ownership and so on.

The three latest state of the art industrial mobile equipment launched and recommended in the last two months by SmartID Dynamics specialists offer such complex functionalities and contribute to increasing employee productivity and reducing costs related to investment and equipment maintenance.

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