Add value to your business with Zebra ET40/ET45 tablets – ruggedness and advanced ergonomics for seamless integration with any business workflow

Bucharest, August 2022. Smart ID Romania, a leading supplier of innovative technologies and mobile equipment for the main industries, expands its portfolio with a new mobile device for intensive environments. Zebra ET4X are enterprise-grade tablets designed for retail, logistics, transportation, and hospitality. In today’s busy and hectic environment, streamlined processes and workflow continuity are key elements of any successful business. With an outstanding performance/price ratio, Zebra tablets are the perfect choice for frontline workers in terms of increased durability and longer service life in intensive environments.

Designed to meet market demand for devices that are quick to deploy and easy to manage, Zebra ET40/45 tablets are ready out of the box for immediate implementation and use. These enterprise-grade mobile devices are equipped with a built-in scanner for tasks that require heavy barcode scanning. With a rugged design, they do not require an additional protective case.

Smart ID develops customized, end-to-end, proprietary automation solutions for intensive and complex processes that help companies in industries such as retail, logistics, and manufacturing reduce costs and increase productivity.

Răzvan Drăgoi, Deputy General Manager Smart ID, about today’s turbulent market conditions:

“Intensive environments are currently experiencing accelerated digital transformation and change as a result of pre- and post-pandemic factors that have generated serious debate as to what is required for organizations, be they institutions or businesses, to optimally respond to current challenges.”

Smart ID is among those that have managed to raise to the challenge by anticipating pre- and post-pandemic factors that influence the direction of accelerated change towards digital transformation, mobility, automation, and even remote monitoring.

Zebra ET40/ET45 tablets are designed to meet the needs of companies to carry out their operations without disruptions. In addition, Zebra Mobility DNA tools ensure ongoing functionality and optimized usability over the entire lifespan of the devices.

Despite their thin and versatile consumer styling, the new Zebra ET40/ET45 are reliable, rugged, and easy to carry by mobile workforce in industries such as logistics, transportation, manufacturing, utilities, and also retail, and hospitality.

With 8- and 10-inch display, Android GMS, and WiFi 6 connectivity, Zebra ET40/ET45 tablets deliver the ultimate in modern design, friendly interface, and efficient communication that make life easier for frontline workers. Rugged and ergonomic, the new Zebra ET4X tablets feature longer battery life and are built for many years of service in intensive work conditions.

Improve workforce productivity with the new Zebra ET40/ET45 rugged tablets

Choose display size to work faster and smarter

The 8-inch display is more suitable for employees that need a compact, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-deploy device, while the 10-inch display allows for easier viewing of information-rich application interfaces without the need to scroll.

Keep connected anywhere with the fastest wireless connectivity

Get the fastest Wi-Fi and cellular speeds with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Wi-Fi ET40 is ideal for indoor use in industries such as retail and hospitality. Wi-Fi and cellular ET45 covers a different business segment and brings additional value to delivery companies and outdoor and field staff.

For a complete wireless solution, you can connect cordless headsets, printers, and other Bluetooth devices. You can enable locationing to track driver location for improved business control and traceability.

Use Zebra ET40/ET45 over multiple shifts with improved battery power

Power options keep tablets up and running over multiple shifts, while Zebra’s PowerPrecision batteries allow for better management. An optional, hot-swappable secondary battery provides constant power to work over multiple shifts.

Turn your new Zebra ET40/ET45 tablet into a mobile POS

Use your Zebra ET4X to create innovative payment solutions, such as a mobile POS or a complete, ready-to-deploy hybrid POS using the point-of-sale hub and the presentation stand.

Get a world-class integrated scanner

No matter what type of scanning your business requires, there is a Zebra scan engine that can do the job – from standard, easy and precise “point-and-shoot” scanning to advanced scanning to capture barcodes in hand or across the room. All scanners deliver guaranteed Zebra performance: split-second, first-time capture of virtually every barcode in any condition.

Take ultra-high resolution photos

Take sharp and detailed photos for proof of condition and delivery or visual in-store merchandising audits to ensure quality and compliance and more.

Improve team collaboration with video calls

Cut down workflow time and errors with video calls: for example, in a hotel, housekeeping staff can show maintenance teams a leaky faucet that requires immediate repair. In addition, the new Zebra tablets can be used to request a second opinion: a less experienced technician can request assistance from remote colleagues to diagnose and resolve an issue.

According to Răzvan Drăgoi, a full understanding of the need is essential to identify the most effective device: 

“In these environments, groups of employees work across very large areas, out in the field or in vehicles. They have always needed a tablet/laptop that can run high-speed applications, can be used in any weather, in bright sunlight, dark conditions, dust, mud, humidity, in tough and harsh environments, and can withstand accidental drops on concrete and continue to work no matter the circumstances.”

No matter your business type and work environment, Smart ID experts will always help you with customized solutions that are ideally tailored to your needs. “Smart ID specializes in integrated solutions for intensive business environments and, in certain cases, especially where large projects are involved, the company acts as a strategic partner for critical environments where response time is sometimes incredibly short” adds Răzvan Drăgoi, Deputy General Manager, Smart ID.

About Smart ID

Smart ID is a recognized leader of the Romanian IT industry and the most important provider and integrator of high-end technologies that reshape and transform intensive environments in unparalleled ways. We provide connected, real-time solutions that allow easy integration into hybrid physical and digital environments.

In order to cut down the costs of the processes between order placement and delivery, Smart ID offers its clients know-how and experience in complex implementations, process simplification, mobile solutions and equipment, automations and robots, and a deep understanding of digital transformation.

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