Smart ID Dynamics is counting on complex mobility solutions

Bucharest, April 4, 2012. Smart ID Dynamics, a company specialized in mobility solutions, is seeking for multifunctional complex equipment and specialized mobile working processes in order to integrate them with the cutting edge management applications. The stake is to bring complex, multifunctional equipment on the market, developed on mature technologies that streamline both investment and productivity.

For example, a manager needs a mobile phone with a software for  meeting organizing. An employee in a warehouse needs a handset optimized to properly collect data and transmit it in real time. A retail employee needs equipment to operate in optimal conditions for at least 12 hours.  A field operator needs equipment that enables him access to a variety of specific in the field activities applications. “In order to increase productivity, all these employees need different, multifunctional tools. In order to obtain the lowest cost mobility solutions it is important to find the best possible features mix”, declares Romeo Iacob, Managing Director Smart ID Dynamics.

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For more information regarding this article or about Smart ID Dynamics, please contact

Carmen Ureche, Marketing Director, Smart ID on mobile: 0725 633 767 or

Romeo Iacob, Managing Director, Smart ID on mobile: 0725 265 396 or

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