Smart ID Dynamics launches in Romania Skeye.dart, the first rugged PDA with Android OS

Bucharest, 14th june 2012. Smart ID Dynamics S.A., the specialist in mobility solutions, launches today Skeye.dart, the first rugged PDA with Andoid, destined for companies acting in industries such as logistics, transport and distribution, retail, healthcare and field services. Skeye.dart is the first PDA developed on the Android OS, which combines the latest technology with a revolutionary design and functionalities that fold perfectly on the needs, abilities and limitations of the mobile employees. With a Marvell PXA320 624 MHz high performance processor, 128 MB DDR-RAM and 512 MB Flash memory, Skeye.dart ensures sufficient resources even for the most demanding applications.

“Mobility means first of all efficiency and productivity, faster processes and lower costs. The automation of infrastructure and migration to mobility seems like an easy task, but in reality the decision to choose one equipment or another depends highly on its capacity to integrate and face the challenges of the mobile environment where it is used. The rugged mobile devices are built to resist to shocks, vibrations, dust, water and extreme temperatures. Even so, some applications and working environments require different degrees of ruggedness (endurance), specific functionalities, integration with multiple applications and alternative connectivity options so that your investment in mobility will be entirely found in the obtained benefits.

Smart ID Dynamics has integrated in its portfolio the most advanced mobility technologies so that we are able to respond to the most difficult demands of the most challenging working environments. We believe that Skeye.dart has an excellent integration with data capture applications, order management and warehouse logistics. It’s ergonomic, rugged, light, confortable even for the employees requiring handsfree operation. Skeye.dart is powerful enough to sustain even the most demanding organizational data management applications.” states Daniel Boangiu, Managing Director Smart ID Romania.




Skeye.dart is designed to bring efficiency to mobile employees. Field information can be input through a 3.5 inch VGA Touchscreen or with the keyboard. The keyboard acts like a lighting guide and highlights the applications available for the user. For data transmission Skeye.dart uses WLAN, IEE 802.11b/g or, alternatively, GPRS/EDGE 3.5 G to ensure employees with acces to important information. The incorporated GPS eases navigation as well as device identification. Skeye.dart is fitted with data capture functionalities and a 2 megapixel ScanCam, for bar code or photo capture.

Using the bluetooth headset, employees can handle pick by voice orders – alternatively, the PDA can be mounted inside vehicles by using a kit. The battery can have double capacity, which allows using the device for a long time.

Skeye.dart is built to last in harsh environments and is conformable to IP54 standard, which means it can handle multiple 1.2 meter drops and high temperature variations, from -10 to +50 degrees C.


For more information about this article or about Smart ID, you can contact

Carmen Ureche, Marketing Director, Smart ID on mobile: 0725 633 767 or email

Romeo Iacob, Managing Director, Smart ID on mobile: 0725 265 396 or email

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