Smart ID Dynamics S.A. launches in Romania the new series of Zebra ZT200 printers

The clients of the company have now access to the superior functionalities and print speed of the ZT200 class of printers.

Bucharest, 6 june 2012. Smart ID Romania, the specialist in mobility solutions, launches in Romania the new series of Zebra ZT200 printers. The ZT200 series includes two printers – ZT220 and ZT230, specially developed for the requirements of small and middle sized companies adopting for the first time the barcode technology or that are making an upgrade to volume printers. With a superior, ergonomic design, the new series of printers saves space and drastically reduces the consumption and maintenance costs.





“Built on customer provided requirements, the new printers are successfully replacing two older Zebra printer models, S4M and Stripes and are bringing, in addition, multiple functionalities and simple design and operation, so necessary to small companies. Therefore, the operators do not require special training, because the operation is intuitive and guided through colour codes. The ribbons have a longer life span and are easier to replace. The maintenance is also guided by a motion sensor based on lights and eases the quick resolve of eventual functioning problems. To all this adds a revolutionary design with lateral loading, saving lots of space and allowing the installation of the printers anywhere within an office space.

Zebra ZT200 series was specially conceived to increase productivity and efficiency. To conform to these demands, the new series of printers offers great printing precision, allows fine tuning for text and bar codes or very narrow labels and is compatible with older standards and technologies, which makes it easier to install. And because it is a series built for high performance with minimum maintenance and ownership consts, it is conformable with the “Energy Star” demands regarding consumption and operation costs.

And because perfection can mean both performance and a low price, ZT200 offers our customers print speed and functionalities which we usually can’t find in other printers with similar acquisition costs”  states Romeo Iacob, Managing Partner Smart ID Dynamics S.A.

Industrial and commercial applications have now a business partner with last generation integrated printing capabilities. Regardless of the field of business they are used in – production, transport and logistics, healthcare, retail, public administration or simply front office – ZT200 are durable and specially built to last in intesive environments. They are ideal for the development of applications for printing labels for embalages, raw material in work, transport/reception/packing goods, cross docking, shelf labels/prices/retours/warehouses, asset identification, documents, medicines, specimen identification etc.


For more information about this article or about our company please contact

Carmen Ureche, Marketing Director, Smart ID la telefon: 0725 633 767 sau pe email

Romeo Iacob, Managing Director, Smart ID la telefon: 0725 265 396 sau pe email

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