SMART ID helps retail companies optimize mobility with the new Motorola MC3100 Series Rugged Mobile Computer

The new Motorola MC3100 Series brings cost-effective mobile computing and user comfort by supporting 1D and information-rich 2D bar codes. MC3100 is built on  the MC3000 Series platform, both being supported by a common architectural platform that enables fast and easy application porting to MC3100.

Motorola MC3100 Rugged Mobile Computer ensures advanced computing power and data capture capabilities, is rugged and ergonomic, has enhanced security and data, enterprise class motion sensing capabilities, requires no additional training and is compatible with any existing accessories.




Motorola MC3100 provides seamless upgrade to the latest mobile computing for the retail industry:

  • Improved buying decisions through the availability of more granular inventory data;
  • Reduced inventory costs through rapid identification of items that are seasonal or nearing expiration — enabling retailers to take appropriate steps to reduce stock shrinkage;
  • Stockout elimination through rapid and cost effective inventory provisioning;
  • Easy location of specific items, ensuring the traceability required to rapidly execute targeted recalls, to better protect consumer safety;
  • Improved throughput at the checkout stand — no need for cashiers to manually look up product codes for exceptions;
  • Improved customer service — a quick scan of a label either on the aisle or at the checkout stand allows customers to verify that they are purchasing the right products (such as organic produce or gluten-free products);
  • Create stronger loyalty programs that increase sales through real-time mobile and paperless couponing

Motorola MC3100 offers affordable migration to next generation mobile technology, providing retailers with the power to run virtually any application, the rugged design required to survive in the retail environment, the ability to read 2D bar codes for more granular inventory data and to meet the coming 2D mandate and the security required to easily comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations.

For more information regarding this article or about Smart ID Dynamics, please contact

Carmen Ureche, Marketing Director, Smart ID on mobile: 0725 633 767 or

 Romeo Iacob, Managing Director, Smart ID on mobile: 0725 265 396 or

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