Smart ID launches Motorola LI4278 – the new generation of 1D barcode scanners

Motorola Li4278 scans faster, more and in a productive manner!

The “Linear Imaging” technology offers the same benefits that have made Motorola one of the worldwide leading suppliers for barcode scanning solutions. Motorola Li4278’s design is optimized to provide the best performance under the specific operating conditions, using the specific business applications in industries such as retail, light industry, hotel industry and education.

It scans any type of barcode, including the 1D barcodes applied to reflective surfaces, such as mobile phone screens, high-density barcodes or barcodes printed on glossy labels and – most importantly – scans faster, more and in a productive manner.

Moreover, for a greater equipment safety and for the highest level of durability and reliability in the industry, this unit is built in a unique case that allows it to withstand multiple drops to concrete and the screen is strong and scratch resistant. It is user-friendly and you can count on it all working day long, as the battery has a long operating life.

Its compatibility with the remote scanners management application reduces the time and costs associated with the daily management, especially in intensive scan environments, with multiple devices and locations. The “Motorola Service from the Start” program allows you to benefit from spare parts the next day after having placed the order.

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