Smart ID raises mobility standards by launching the most economical Honeywell terminal – Dolphin 7800

The new Honeywell Dolphin 7800 mobile terminal provides the best balance between endurance, performance and accessibility.



Bucharest, November 24th 2011. Smart ID Dynamics Romania S.A., the specialist in mobility solutions, launched today the Dolphin 7800 – the most accessible mobile terminal, designed for delivery, distribution, retail, field services, healthcare etc – for employees working on multiple tasks with short deadlines. The new mobile terminal provides much better usability for mobility applications, high processing capacity for its small size and advanced communication and data collection  functions, similar to full-size desktop computers.

“Dolphin 7800 sets high standards for the mobility industry by incorporating the functions and features of a traditional mobile terminal, including the capacity to withstand  the daily tasks specific to various mobile environments: a wide array of image capture options (standard, extended and high density) standard and high capacity batteries, multiple keyboard configurations, GPS, GSM/HSPA for voice and data, CDMA/EVDO for voice and data, GOBI and others. Dolphin 7800 is a device that encourages and sustains productivity. It reduces operational costs by minimizing the necessary support and workforce expenses, while easing task accomplishment and improving the satisfaction of employees. Dolphin 7800 is the most economical mobile terminal so far, successfully competing with other equipment available on the Romanian mobility market” states Romeo Iacob, Managing Partner, Smart ID Dynamics S.A.




With an inner magnesium structure and a highly resistant plastic housing, Dolphin 7800 has a rugged design, eliminating many of the rough accessories specific to industrial equipment. For medical and healthcare workers, Dolphin 7800 comes in a new version, with a disinfectant-ready housing, highly resistant to repeated cleaning with harsh chemicals. Specially developed to increase operational efficiency, the Dolphin 7800 reduces with 80% the downtime specific to similar terminals acquired from other technology providers.

The Adaptus® Imaging Technology 6.0 enables users to rapidly scan linear and 2D barcodes, regardless of work environment conditions (direct sunlight, darkness or flourescent light) scanning distance or angle. Dolphin 7800 has extreme motion tolerance, it includes a color digital camera with video capture options, and a  3.3’’ (8.5 cm) high resolution color display with magnetic calibration sensor. It has IP54 certified sealing and is fully operable in extreme conditions: temperature, humidity, dust, repeated 5 ft. (1.5 m) drops.

Regarding communications, Dolphin 7800 incorporates the latest wireless technology, including a software-definable radio for switching between GSM and CDMA carriers. This way, the terminal ensures continuous coverage and data provisioning, as well as reduced ownership costs. In addition, it provides Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n connectivity, so that mobile employees will have better access to critical business information.

The Dolphin 7800 mobile terminal can be equipped with “Remote MasterMind® for Mobility” software, which enables remote configuration, update, diagnostic and malfunction correction, security control and automatic lockdown of Dolphin 7800 terminals from central locations. In addition to intuitive remote management, the “Remote MasterMind® for Mobility” applicationallows users to acces a set of important operational performance indicators, such as the number of successful scans and the number of user screen actions. Using these indicators, companies can monitor the way their employees interact with the mobile terminals and then provide training programs, to increase employee productivity.

The Dolphin 7800 terminal comes with a Honeywell Service Made Simple™ service plan, which helps companies to reduce total cost of Honeywell equipment ownership. To further contribute to the savings and production plan, Dolphin 7800 offers an extended product lifetime cycle and post-production technical support. Provided with a Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system, Dolphin 7800 brings flexibility to mobility applications.

About Smart ID

Smart ID, the mobility solution expert, integrates the latest technologies in RFID, data collection and barcode reading, using innovating business software applications.

The Smart ID portfolio is mainly designed for logistics, delivery, retail, production, utilities, healthcare, public administration and, besides hardware equipment and accessories from the most renowned international auto ID manufacturers, it includes software applications for product tracing, sales process automatization, service, warehouse management, optimization and planification of resources or routes, inventory, product labeling, access control etc.

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Carmen Ureche, Marketing Director, Smart ID on mobile: 0725 633 767 or

Romeo Iacob, Managing Director, Smart ID on mobile: 0725 265 396 or

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