SMART ID, the mobility solution expert, launched ET1 – the first android tablet from Motorola – integrated with cutting edge mobility aplications

Bucharest, October12th 2011– the mobility solution expert, launched ET1 – first android tablet from Motorola – integrated with cutting edged mobility applications available for retail, transportation and logistics, production, utilities, energy, healthcare and public sector. ET1 is the only tablet developed for the industrial use and that meets the needs of a rock solid security for every business.

ET1 encompass multiple real security built into an android operating system. ET1 is equipped with multi user log on that allows any member of a team to gain access to any applications and features, according to access privileges and task required to do their job. In addition, should devices are lost or stolen, you can choose to automatically lock or wipe the device to prevent unauthorized use of your data and your business applications.

“ET1 reduces your company equipment portfolio with almost 40%. This translates into smaller investments and reduced total cost of ownership for your equipment. An increase in the lifecycle of the product (>3 years) is sustained by the fact that the product has been engineered to handle all-day everyday industrial and business use – e.g. the display has been made with an ultra-strong Gorilla® Glass that can flex without shattering or scratching and make the device impervious to damage. And with deep chemical strengthening, most scratches are virtually invisible. In addition, the tablet delivers incredible durability as is developed to resist to difficult working conditions (increased cold, warm, dust, humidity, including the inevitable everyday drops, spills and bumps) and embedded business functionalities like bar code scanner, magnetic reader, camera etc. Together with mobility application we have developed for the Romanian market ET1 is a unique combination of software and hardware capable to face cutting edged customer care needs, associated productivity and efficiency required at the management level” stated Romeo Iacob, Managing Partner, SmartID.




The management of the hardware fleet can be centralized in a single location. The IT personnel can prepare the accessories and equipment for initial use and the necessarily updates, compliance with the agreed politics, monitoring and the application assessment and the poor performance could be done remotely.

Imagine another level of Romanian business mobility. An employee is equipped with an ET 1 tablet and obtains access to all enterprise application necessarily to do his/her job. The employee has access to all necessarily information needed to support a customer need in real time, could identify any available product in any location, could make customer presentations and trainings, place orders and order payments with a single equipment – ET 1 tablet. The same tablet could be used by another employee in the same or in another shift. In another location, a manager could review sales reports. This kind of equipments could be integrated with all mobile equipment available in different same company’s networks as ET1 can communicated with this mobile equipment without isolating the users. These are only some of the business needs that SmartID’s mobility solutions meet” stated Romeo Iacob, Managing Partner, SmartID.

ET1 is available together with Motorola Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage that is an all-inclusive service that covers normal wear and tear, internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage for both device and select accessories, as well as operating system issue. No matter your business mobility needs could have a company that acquire an ET1 equipment, SmartID Dynamics can provide assistance at every stage of the complex mobility solutions’s planning and assessment through design, deployment, and ongoing management and support in order to keep your mobility software and hardware up, running and in the hands of your users.


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