SmartID.Pick by Voice solution is deployable in just few weeks. It adds you full functionalities and value for money, can be scalable according with industry’s main technologies advancements, and can be added to your already existing infrastructure.

Streamline Operations

Freedom at work is the one of the main advantages of this solution. With the warehouse operators guided via voice instructions, headphones and microphones their job becomes easier, more precise, faster, more safe, streamlined. Cutting multiple operations, done before via handheld computers, operators pay more attention on the job and performed simultaneously on multiple picking operations.

Supporting Multiple Operations

Voice picking supports multiple operations that makes it effective in warehouse and distribution centers, in retails, in ecommerce in the fields, etc from picking, layer picking, quality check, label for receiving, put-away, replenishment, transfers, cycle-counting, shipping and put-to-store, stock counting, click and collect, order picking to assist-by-voice your repair staff.

Profits, Efficiency, and Targets

Smarter systems are changing the game for every corner of supply chain operations. Everything is running on time, on targets, error-free. Making room for investment in SmartID.Pick by Voice allow your company to fast ROI, to accelerate development via greater margins, high goods cycle and greater profits, scalable on demand etc. In addition, the application is ready to be integrated to advanced AI application for even faster operations.

Improved accuracy

smartID.Pick by Voice solutions simplify the picking process. Allows warehouse operators increase accuracy by simply following instructions and focus only on the picking operation. More attention reduce errors, delays due to misplaced, wrong orders, re-shipping, return-shipping, returns processing, and ultimately deliver poor customer service. With level of accuracy you reduce total logistic costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Pick Hours Scalability

During intensive holiday peaks, black Fridays or simply when reasonability hits you can fulfill operations at higher speed, as easier as before and as scalable as your company grows. With the help of voice solution your worker are more productive handling demand while supporting a greater variety of complex mobile work tasks. Higher technology increase workers motivation and productivity also.

Collaboration and communication

The days of automation in the logistic chain are at their best time. As workers need to communicate with their managers to keep operations flowing smoothly, they must have an in-depth view on targets and task to be done. SmartID. Pick by Voice Solution is the latest generation technology that helps your employee focused on achieving targets and following tasks, on time, via a mobile app – making sure everything is running on time and error-free.

SmartID. Pick by Voice – the best route to productivity in the warehouse is simplicity

Customer obsession must be your new concern. With SmartID.Pick by Voice Application you can ensure your customer get the right orders, in time, faster and at lower costs as compared with your main competitors. This means higher productivity, order accuracy, higher margins, and more profitability that release investment in future technologies. Take a look on how this solution streamlines your operations:


SMARTID.Pick By Voice is a next generation Pick by Voice solution that helps your warehouse operators accelerate picking in fast medium or medium slow environments. Fully integrated with your warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system and enterprise resource planning (ERP) SmartID. Pick by Voice is ready to use in just 30 days.

Voice enabled new or old

No matters what your warehouse operators are using Windows Mobile or Windows CE mobile computers, SmartID.Pick by Voice Solution, powered by Ivanti can add voice to your existing Terminal Emulation, Industrial Browser, and Velocity implementation. In the case in which you are considering a hardware refresh we can deploy it for you on Ivanty platform for the latest Android devices.

Intelligent Interface

SmartID.Pick by Voice Solution gives you access to advanced voice capabilities that is interacting with advanced complex systems like Warehouse Management System and Warehouse Control System
in natural, nuanced conversations. Further SmartID is prepared to ad additional intelligent interfaces that intuit human gestures, head movements, and gazes, as well as AI-based industrial automations.

No changes in existing applications

Traditional voice applications add additional settings in your application. SmartID.Pick by voice Solution powered by Ivanty allow your data to be received by your host applications via the same data stream as any data your workers enter via barcode scan or key entry. Because all the voice processing is handled within the mobile device, there’s no need to modify your existing host applications or add middleware.

You do not need to buy Middleware or Interfaces

Voice enablement is a mobility solution. You shouldn’t need to set aside budget for your Voice vendor to make changes to your host app, nor for them to come back and re-test any changes do you choose to make to your host systems in the years ahead. With Speakeasy, you’re free to make changes that optimize your host without involving your voice vendor.

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