Integrating sortation and logistics systems that are scalable and can manage impressive flows of products is what we do best. Our solution’s warehouse management capabilities and versatility keep your business operating efficiently. Here is a breakdown of the main benefits of Smart ID Sorting Lines:

Optimizes your processes and overall workflow

A productive warehouse is one where all the moving (and non-moving) parts are most efficiently put together and things are set to run in synergy, in a way that best impacts your business. The cohesive force behind is Smart ID Sorting Lines. Its implementation will increase, amongst others, productivity and order processing speed.

Efficient staff allocation

To use a cliché popular in sports teams, top managers assign their best players where the latter provide maximum efficiency. Smart ID Sorting Lines doubles for a labor management system, donning key metrics and automatic assignments based on an array of indicators to appropriately manage your workload, identify your highest performers and use them accordingly.

A software to rule them all

Conveyor belts that transport and sort products on their way to packing, ground-level workers and POS systems providing advanced inventory tools - they’re all efficiently administered through the software solution integrated by Smart ID Sorting Lines.

Smaller operational expenses

When things are automated to run as smoothly on the conveyor belts as within your team of on-floor handlers, this results in more quality, less waste and, crucially, less costly returns or customer complaints, as was the case prior to using Smart ID Sorting Lines. You can easily reduce your operational expenses by upgrading your technology and integrating our advanced warehouse management solution.

Better manage peak periods

In the e-commerce age, sudden surges in orders are possible at any given moment, yet some times of the year traditionally stand out, such as Black Friday or Christmas. Smart ID Sorting Lines helps you cope with extra busy periods. Our system sets the most efficient routines for old and new staff alike, but also automates product sorting, allowing for huge amounts of stock to be delivered on schedule.

Reduces warehouse noise

Warehouses are noisy places, with decibel ranges typically reaching 80-90 decibels. This, decreases productivity, impedes efficiency and lead to costly human errors. Smart ID Sorting Lines make for a calmer work environment, lowering or cutting conveyor activity when it isn’t actively utilized.


Every industry involving processes which require the recurrent movement of materials can benefit from the great functionalities packed in our solution. One such benefit is, as obvious as it may seem, creating more usable room in the warehouse for expanding your other operations. Here are 6 features guaranteed to save you time and money:

Handles multiple industries

Smart ID Sorting Lines can be implemented to automate sorting operations in a large number of industries, from retail to clothing and food market. Due to its flexibility, it can handle requirements and standards specific to each of the aforementioned sectors, and accommodate virtually any product size, shape, volume etc.

Fast learning curve

There is no time to waste in a busy warehouse, so quick-thinking is key to maintaining engagement and productivity. The Smart ID Sorting Lines solution has a fast learning curve, putting operators in confident control and eliminating the need for lengthy, expensive trainings.

Intelligent product transfer

The high accuracy rates achieved by Smart ID Sorting Lines are no fluke. Prior to sortation, products are identified by barcode readers, their ID is sent by the operating software to sorting devices, which then route the items to the proper conveyor belt.

Real-time KPI dashboard

Labor feedback and constant insights on current operations are a must in the competitive world of warehouse management. Smart ID Sorting Lines provides a real-time dashboard which centralizes key performance indicators and metrics. With a KPI dashboard at hand, on a mobile application, you can have access and take documented decisions in real time.

Sortation logic

With an automated sorting system, you’re sure to get everything ready while avoiding mix-ups, thanks to an advanced software and impressive handling capabilities. Parcels are channeled based on industry, destination, weight and any other marker you can think of.

One database, multiple warehouses

Consolidate your inventory from multiple repositories into a single warehouse management database, sort and filter data and perform full or partial analysis on it. All, behind a strong layer of security and accessible from a web client or portable mobile terminals.

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