Incidents are occurrences indicating that a process has malfunctioned down the manufacturing line. Having an incident management tool like Smart.IncidentManagement at your disposal spares you the blushes and also saves you time and money on unnecessary disturbances. Seamlessly identify halts in production, report trouble and alert maintenance teams to your weak spot, all in a handy and flexible way.

Huge benefits to your organization

By using Smart.IncidentManagement you will reap tremendous benefits both in the short and the long term. You will lower maintenance costs, have a complete overview of the means of production, get alerted in real-time over issues in the production flow, priorities intervention requests, monitor efficiently the needs and consume of replacement parts etc.

Improves and accelerates information sharing

As incidents occur, they generate alerts which are prompted either via dedicated, customizable hardware containers, or through a client interface available on industrial screens linked to the application server. All concerned parties and support technicians are thus quickly notified, resulting in better employee participation and improved information sharing and transparency.

Quick access to incident logs

All data collected from the production environment is made readily available for analysis and to allow optimum decision-making in the shortest possible time. A log of recent incidents grouped by workstation is also provided to identify failure history and incidence and facilitate diligent intervention.

Incident triage

One of the main benefits of using a powerful tool like Smart.IncidentManagement is that it ranks / it allows supervisors to rank and allocate incidents based on priority and precedents. This triage is critical to quick intervention and restoring the production to best parameters. You’ll save time for the most important issues to be addressed

Gain business intelligence

Integrating equipments into the incident management system permits complete monitoring, tracking safety performance and quick identification of anomalies.Plus, the data generated can be acted upon, offering control and transparency of KPI, OE, MTBR and MTBF via multiple indicators and comprehensive report. You can perform cause analysis and automatically implement preventive actions.

Go paperless

Incident approval processes can be extremely tedious and use a lot of resources, if the proper automation tools are not available. Thanks to Smart.IncidentManagement, you can now streamline these multi-level processes, save tons of paper and store data electronically instead, in truly modern fashion.


For your whole production to be paralyzed by an unforeseen incident is not only anachronistic in this day and age: it is unacceptable and risks plunging your business into chaos. With Smart.IncidentManagement, you wrest back control, minimize disruptions and make impactful changes for a strong and efficient production line.

SMART ID’S Smart.IncidentManagement

Managing your manufacturing machines in the best possible way is a strength for your production line.
With a fully automated, perfectly scalable system you can report incidents through a multitude of means (from visual and acoustic to e-mail, SMS or mobile notification), logs them and assists you in getting things back on track.
Thanks to Smart.IncidentManagement’s unique capabilities, nothing is left behind.

Easy incident detection

In manual mode, an operator signals an incident by choosing it from a predefined list on the industrial screen. On auto mode, if production machines are integrated into the system, any anomaly or deviation from pre-set values instantly generates alerts and notifications.

Incident assignment

Smart.IncidentManagement can assign incidents both automatically and manually. The former is based on an algorithm which takes into consideration incident priority and technicians’ workload, while the former uses a dispatch screen, with incidents being assigned by a dedicated role.

Incident reporting

Data collected when incidents take place is gathered and transmitted as-it-happens, for centralizing and analysis purposes. The workstation in the area where the incident occurred then goes into failure mode by employing light and acoustic signals to notify the malfunction.

Real-time briefing of technical staff

Technicians assigned to incidents are informed live that an intervention is due, using multiple channels of communication: mobile app task, e-mail or SMS. Through the application the technicians can visualize the machine history, maintenance records and necessarily documentation to help them reduce the downtime.

Powerful dashboard and reports

With Smart.IncidentManagement on duty, every production machine or workstation configured in the system has its own status screen which allows for quick visual detection of incidents by using striking colors and highlighting critical data. In addition, the solution provides vital graphical reports aimed at decision-makers. Plus, you get a flexible client interface (Windows, web or mobile) and an integrated web client.

MES/ERP integration

The flexibility and scalability of Smart.IncidentManagement means that, if manufacturing execution systems (MES) / enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are already in place, the solution can easily connect with them and benefit from these application’s data. Data transfer is securely handled via web services, .txt or database files. You can analyze machine total cost of ownership for further decision making.


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