Prepare your factory for Industry 4.0

Connect people, processes, data and things in an intelligent and strategic manner. A smart connected factory enables new levels of productivity and predictability. With SmartID.ShopFloor you can go beyond data capture and enable real-time insights to inform and optimize your processes for better outcomes.

Real Time Manufacturing Data

Benefit from seamless data flow between machines and enterprise systems that unifies the entire manufacturing process. A highly, real time manufacturing process allows for high-quality products, shorter production cycles and ever changing customer demands. At the same time helps you reduce wastes and improve efficiencies.

Control Processes Optimization

Real-time shop floor control technology helps you improve visibility, efficiency and transparency throughout the supply chain. Allow PLC integration, Pallets single/multiple articles, Machine traceability statuses, Batches. With in-depth information at hand your shop floor managers can prioritize, track and report against production orders or schedules, optimizing workflows and processes.

Minimize operational costs

A strong control of manufacturing operations along the supply chain allows you accurately trace materials consumption, scrapped materials, raw materials, inventory levels, etc. in order to improve your planning and reduce your overhead costs - capital expenses, utilities, facilities requirements, parts usage and more.

Improved compliance

Automated collection of data along supply chain allows you to limit the impact of product recalls and reduce your costs , improve responsiveness, compliance, conformance, and the ability to trace and track any issue from manufacturer of row materials to final consumer. Acting fast, based on traceability data, you reduce risks.

Fast reaction to downtimes

Shop Floor Solution is about automatically adjusting manufacturing plans according to multiple variables. The application allows your Shop Floor Managers to anticipate and react fast to any downtime occurring in the receiving, shipping, material issue, work in progress, counting, inventory, workforce, machine functioning, quality and take preventive action in real time to reduce loses etc.

Real Time Automated Reports

Access hard performance indicators via integration of the Shop Floor Management Solution with stocks, assets, incident management, and equipment maintenance and take in time measures that allows you improve KPI via benchmarking historical data about machines, production lines, production runs, etc.

The Real Manufacturing Value stays in Operations Optimization that means making the various processes within the factory more efficient

Using data from production machines allow you the velocity and accuracy needed to adjust workflows, eliminate unproductive processes or activities, improve capacity and eliminate inefficiencies and line performance bottlenecks. Watch in this video how you can track and monitor your manufacturing machinery


Prepare your factory for Industry 4.0. Develop new business models to compete more effectively by driving innovations at the Shop Floor Level. Integrate SmartID.ShopFloor with advanced technologies like mobility, industrial automation, industrial IOT and robotisation and make your manufacturing processes fast, smart, accurate.

Production Coordination

SmartID.ShopFloor allows you to fully monitor the manufacturing processes via HMI assisted by manufacturing operators. You will be able to analyze manufacturing data in real time and trigger any event. You can control your KPI and OE, generate reports and receive alerts and notification and take corrective action whenever appear a difference in resource performance indicators.

Product and Process Traceability.

Redefine the process efficiencies and control the quantity of row materials.
Follow in any detail your row materials, manufacturing operator’s activity and finished goods produced by a machine or inside of a working point along the production line. Benefit the full traceability of your manufacturing from row materials until delivery of the finished product, identify any lots and entrance inside the manufacturing process.

Quality Ensurance

Eliminate all the cost of poor quality through tracking product quality levels in real-time. Meet all recognized quality standards in manufacturing with SmartID.ShopFloor. The application helps you reduce high production costs driven by rework, returns, unscheduled machine times and incorrect orders.

Process Control

With SmartID.ShopFloor you improve cost control along the entire manufacturing process by reducing operator errors, cost associated with replacement of faulty material and SCRAP. From material stock room, along the manufacturing process to the finished product stage you are in full control. Just setup validation algorithms which approve all row materials entering in any point of the production line.

Production Planning

Feel free to plan your production on both long and short term. Plan your work-orders, priorities and import them in perfect synchronization with row materials purchasing, receiving, working time, production capacity etc. Establish the best possible operation routes for processes and machines in order to minimize wastes, improve machine working time, deliver your customers orders just in time.

Manufacturing Machine Integration.

All manufacturing automations are linked at enterprise level systems. SmartID.ShopFloor solution enable real-time monitoring of the machine at shop floor lever. You can use of data streams from production machinery and adjust workflows. In this way eliminate unproductive processes, capacity erosions, inefficiencies and line bottlenecks. Track all your machine remotely, monitor and adjusting machinery.

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