SMART FACTORY TEAM UP WITH SAWYER, OUR SMART COLLABORATIVE ROBOT, INTEGRATED, ALWAYS-READY AND NEVER TIRED Advances in technology mean the time of traditional robots is coming to an end. With smart collaborative robots like Sawyer, that learn new actions and are suitable for a variety of tasks, you boost your performance - and also your profits. GET RESULTS NOW!


There comes a time when a new addition to your team changes the game completely. Sawyer is such a turning point in your workflow, making your operations circa 30% more efficient. The many applications of our cobot make him a perfect fit in your factory, on your assembly or packaging line.

Installable and programmable in minutes

A smart collaborative robot, such as Sawyer, is very easy to install and program. Thanks to the ground-breaking Intera software, you can teach the cobot to perform tasks by simply moving its arms through the motions in order to train it to carry out an action. This also saves you money on hiring employees with programming skills. Just show it what you want from it, and Sawyer will set to work in minutes.

More accurate than humans

Performing the same task with the same speed, precision, strength and focus is of course impossible for humans. On the contrary, a smart collaborative robot which, for example, tightens screws, will not fluctuate in any of these parameters, providing steady quality and distinguishing your brand.

Process optimization

The investment you make on your first smart collaborative robot will be easily offset once Sawyer gets to work, reducing errors, streamlining processes and ultimately attracting better results which will surely get noticed by your customers. This will result in a great ROI and expanding operations.

Add various tasks with ease

The flexibility of the Sawyer cobot makes assigning it new tasks a breeze. Whether you want it to perform the same operation over and over again, or move it wherever you need it most around the production process, the Sawyer smart collaborative robot is a great hire. His minimal training requirements and high versatility make him more practical than employing a human.

Do away with repetitive tasks

Retain employee happiness and a positive workplace environment by sparing your best workers of boring, monotonous, unsafe or demotivating tasks. Instead, delegate them to Sawyer, prevent RSIs and watch how a team of cobots and humans can excel working together.

Multi-skilled and convenient

Whereas traditional robots are generally one-sided, large and costly both to install and maintain, our smart collaborative robot is a perfect fit to many industries and businesses, is compact, lightweight and has great portability, plus lifting capabilities.


The smart collaborative robot Sawyer brings amazing benefits to small and medium enterprises looking to gain a competitive edge in the market. It is designed to work alongside, not in lieu of humans, adapting to your needs and adding to your business.


Automation is here to stay, transforming the way we work and do things on a daily basis, whether at individual or business level. This doesn’t mean humans will be left aside, but that we will work smarter, enrolling smart collaborative robots and training them to do manufacturing tasks independently, in a highly efficient manner, leaving us the benefit of more creative jobs.

ClickSmart Interchangeable grippers

Multiple, interchangeable, plug-and-play grippers tending to a variety of jobs make this smart collaborative robot a joy to work with. You can use them for handling metals, processing, packing, testing and inspecting items, loading and unloading, plastic injection & blow molding, PCB handling & ICT etc.

High Sensitivity Force Control

Every joint of the Sawyer cobot comes equipped with sensitive torque sensors, enabling you to control to degree of force with which the cobot operates. When the need for delicate part insertion or force feedback arises, it lives up to the task.

Adaptive decision-making

A highlight in the arsenal of skills boasted by Sawyer is taking adaptive decisions based on environmental data. It fulfills tasks with fabulous precision (+/- 0.1 mm), which means safety for his human collaborators in guaranteed.

Integrated and external vision, sensors galore

Our smart collaborative robot comes equipped with embedded and external vision. Beside the wide view camera serving as head, it has a Cognex camera incorporated on the arm, giving it great perception of the surrounding space and allowing for complex optical tasks. Force sensors are also embedded at each joint to ensure precision handling but also safety.

Unparalleled flexibility

The Sawyer cobot stands out on the market because of his reduced weight and high flexibility. A tractable robotic arm with 7 different types of joints means the cobot can operate in the tightest of spaces.

Interactive experience

The proprietary Sawyer OS, along with the Intera software and a monitor sporting animated eyes, combine to offer a human-friendly, comfortable and interactive experience, indicating the actions of the cobot as they unfold.


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