Smart ID solution can help your manufacturing facility to run faster than anyone in the manufacturing industry. With a full portfolio of smart cameras, industrial vision processors and vision systems software you can ensure improved product quality, higher yields and lower production costs. Take a look at what you can do with our Partner’s Datalogic Vision System solution integrated with SmartID Solutions for Manufacturing:

One software platform for all systems

With over 120 software tools and controls, allows you to create unique inspection programs and develop user interfaces quickly and easily. All this can be done without the loss of functionality, like traditional configurable systems, no programming is required.

Performance where you need it

A suite of hardware and software that enables our customers the flexibility to solve their machine vision application. Users can set up quickly user interfaces that are secure, configurable, and able to set up quickly.

One click to Connect and view data

You can instantly view data from one or many vision systems. From standalone compact smart cameras to the highest performance industrial vision processors, the vision system is optimized for your inspection needs.

Solutions for Industry 4.0

You can expand traceability beyond the barcode by also reading characters (OCR) and identifying the object by its pattern. By detecting defects and locating parts you can guide robots and other automation to control the manufacturing process. Machine vision is able to provide data that is needed.

Guidance and traceability

You can create smaller custom batches of products that can be individualized. This requires that each component can be traced and available on the assembly line at the right time. We integrate automation e.g. a robot to accurately pick the right component.

Personalized and committed support

We can provide you the needed support when it comes to delivering application solutions. We are a certified partner that can guide you from application concept to installation and qualification of your system.

Quality products come packed with quality inspections and high quality image acquisition.

This is one of the main reason we work with our Partner’s Vision Systems Solutions: Datalogic.

Smart ID solutions for Manufacturing and the Datalogic Vision Systems Solution – offer you over 100 tools for an entire processing supply chain

We use Datalogic Vision System Solutions integrated along the entire processing supply chain: from Image acquisition (illumination, test object, optics + sensor), Digitization (sampling, quantizing, storing), Preprocessing (image improvement, filtering), Compression and extraction of information (segmentation, feature extraction), Decision (detection, classification interpretation) until Action

Vision Program Manager (VPM)

Provides hundreds of image processing and analysis functions. You can use Vision Program Manager to enhance images, locate features, measure objects, check for presence and read text and bar codes.

Smart Cameras

Visual inspection means inspecting by looking. This means is ensuring specific quality characteristics of intermediate or final goods. Is better used for bottle cap inspection, label position, orientation and color, packaging/ sealing verification, Vial in tray counting, Inspection of flip-off caps (presence and color), Component assembling verification, alignment/ positioning, Lot and batch number reading, expiration date verification, serial number traceability, robot guidance.

Control Panel Manager (CPM)

Simplifies development of operator interfaces and allows you to make on the fly adjustments to critical machine controls. Use CPM to create operator interface panels to view and adjust critical machine controls

Industrial Vision Processors

Provide the highest performance of the image processing. Flexibility is ensured via through multi-camera support. Can be connected to multiple camera formats at one time (e.g. area scan, line scan, high resolution, etc. on same processor). App used for high-resolution image analysis (LCD Panel Inspection), high-speed product inspection (Web or Continuous Part Inspection), multi-camera inspection, line scan applications (Automotive or Telecom Connector Inspection), image unwrapping and Robot Guidance.


Optical image acquisition and measurement methods rely on the properties of light. Failure to properly illuminate an item can result in the loss of information and productivity. Lighting means huge knowledge – we recommend you to contact us for further recommendation.

Universal Robots Cobots Plugin

Allows users to quickly and easily interface between any Datalogic Smart Camera or Industrial Vision Processor and a Universal Robots Cobot. Just a simple calibration and setting of a pick point is needed in order that your robot guidance application to be up and running with minimal effort.


Automotive parts require end-to-end traceability. We use industrial handheld scanners, smart cameras and fixed readers to scan parts and components.

Assembly Verification

Smart cameras and vision systems from Datalogic detect, inspect, and verify component presence and position eliminating the need for manual inspection.

Robot Guidance

Robot and laser guidance is delivered by Datalogic machine vision systems and cameras to maximize accuracy and safety in automated production.

Direct Part Marking

We use laser marking systems that etch bar codes directly on parts. Also, DPM code/ text identification for verification and item traceability purposes.

Robot Safety

Datalogic solutions for safety deliver access control and operator protection in robotic work cells through safety light curtains.

Work In Progress

WIP is tracked using Datalogic fixed readers, vision systems and industrial handheld scanners along the entire production process

Our Industrial Manufacturing Hardware Portfolio

Prepare for Digital Transformation and Digital IOT with our Advanced Integrated Solutions


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