The science behind Click and Collect is simple and effective: when an online purchase is made, it is automated by the system and delivered to the customer either in-store or at select pick-up points. This leads to immediate gratification and a superior customer experience. Take a look at the main benefits of our solution:

Buy and pick up with ease

Long queues, vexation and courier delays? Not in this day and age. From online order to package pick-up, there is but a small, easy step. A smooth, automated procedure makes Smart ID Click and Collect intuitive and customer-friendly.

Reduce storage requirements and space

Storage space becomes both an operational and a financial problem when increasingly large parcels take up valuable room for an indefinite time. With Click and Collect, the supply chain is streamlined and transformed to a distributed model.

Increase sales, customer engagement and brand loyalty

Fast and drama-free collection means there’s more time for your customers to buy merchandise, either in-store or online. Customer engagement sees a surge, while brand loyalty is strengthened.

Save customer time and money

By implementing Smart ID’s Click and Collect solution, you add value to the customer experience. They get to choose a collection time which best suits their schedule, while avoiding last mile delivery costs and handling costs, which guarantees considerable savings.

Save transport and personnel cost

The Click and Collect solution provided by SmartID decreases the traditional costs implied by door to door transportation. Expenses on desk personnel and service staff are also dramatically lowered, if not removed. You cater to more customers, in less time, with zero additional labour costs incurred.

Blend physical and digital into one

The era of the behemoth warehouse belongs to the past, as the success of SmartID Click and Collect rightly demonstrates. Rather, with it you bring your physical and digital channels together and give life to a delivery solution perfectly suited for the fast-paced life of the 21st century.


The spectacular rise in online shopping means consumer demand has grown to never before seen levels, especially during holidays and other peak times of the year. That being said, there are many ways in which Smart ID Click and Collect benefits consumers. Chief amongst them are speed of service and reduced wait times.


1-minute collection might have seemed quixotic a decade ago - but it’s here now, thanks to the Smart ID Click and Collect solution. The customer experience is brilliant - they get to control it by using their smartphone, and are given straightforward instructions before visiting the pick up point. It’s as simple as inserting a code or scanning a barcode.

Fully customizable hardware and software

Whether we’re talking self-service collection kiosks, barcode scanners or the software running on them, with Smart ID Click and Collect you’re sure to experience what better suits your retail needs. Only you choose what works best for your business.

Works 24/7

Your business is no longer confined to traditional working hours. With Smart ID Click and Collect, shipping and collection is possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. This boosts customer happiness, while you as a retailer save big on logistical costs and gain reputation. Returns are also simplified: the customer can drop the parcel (tagged with a label printed from your return page) at the collection point, in the same way it was picked up.

Simple integration

Due to its highly flexible architecture, Smart ID Click and Collect can be easily linked to your ERP or existing webshop software. It also enables you to select elements that make the most sense for your business, and add your own look and feel to the platform.

Multichannel, real-time notifications

The solution allows for custom, automated delivery notifications to be sent to the customer as the parcel is prepared and is ultimately ready for collection. Smart ID Click and Collect features multiple channel integration, from e-mail to SMS and push notifications. Keep customers happy and aware by informing them about every step of the order.

Easy selection interface

Smart ID Click and Collect revolutionises your check-out. Customers get to choose between delivery or Click and Collect. When the latter is selected, available stores / collection points are displayed and once one is chosen, it also comes with an ETA, opening hours (where applicable) and address for a truly convenient pick-up.

Management dashboard

Understanding your customers and adapting to their needs is critical nowadays. We provide a real-time dashboard which records the most relevant analytics regarding Click and Collect. See customer pick-up times, handling times, customer turnout, staff activities, missed orders etc., and alter your marketing and resourcing strategies accordingly.

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