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For large hypermarkets and supermarkets it is mandatory to plan for busy periods to make their customer happy. Smart ID Queue Busting solution give your customers a choice to easy scan and bag products while shopping and pay fastest at POS. Before decide, take a look at the main solution’s benefits:

Reduce Queuing

Customers hate to have the queue and get items through the entire buying process in one hit

Fast Process Items

Make your customer benefit from the fastest process possible in your shop. Their time is as important as your transaction volume.

Reduce abandonment

Trading patterns can offer your important insights about your pick hours. Use them smartly to make happy customers.

Customer Experience

Pleasant shopping experience Increases customer loyalty and make your customer return more frequently

VIP Treatment

Match the experience cutting edged technology is offering to your customer. Make them feel the future in your store.

Improve Store Efficiency

Obtain a higher throughput at check out, a better handling of peak time in store and reallocation of personnel.

Happy Customers Click, Collect and Pay. As fast as possible.

Smartid.Queue Busting Solution uses customer cards, self-scanning checkout handsets and a fast queue boosting POS to make transactions as fast as possible.


Empower your customer to complete the entire transaction on the spot so the customer can bypass the counter completely.

Customer Cards

Your customer control the process. Choose the handset, scan the customer card and proceed shopping and bagging at the same time. As easy and fast as possible.

Checkout Handsets

SmartID Queue Busting solution integrates self-scanning handsets with an easy to use, fast interface. One button for scan and a mobile solution to control the volume of purchases.

Queue Boosting POS

Your customer choose a priority line for Queue Busting. Scan the QR code on the Queue Busting POS and transfer all transaction on POS. Make the payment and go. Fast and easy

Statistical verification

From statistical point of view, your back office application may choose aleatory to verify big, special purchases or to interviene when special items are purchased (alcoohol, garmet etc).

Mobile Application

A user friendly web interface, integrated with distribution and monitoring functions allows campaign integration on Facebook, APTRA e-marketing and reporting

Back-office Solution

Here you have all the tools to manage stores, mobile scanners, cards, users. You have access to reporting for your store managers to make real time decisions for an efficient store.

Assisted scanning

Shorten your store queue lines by helping customers buy faster with assisted scanning of their selected products.

Self scanning with dedicated device

Provide your customers scanning devices, allowing a completely independent in-store purchase experience.

Self scanning with BYOD

The ultimate shopping, based on mobile applications that can be used for product selection, price check, buying and checkout.

Financial Reports

Financial reports per cash register, cashier, whole store, department, time period for cash register, cashier, whole store with one cash register, receipt cancellation, payment method change, receipt re-print etc.

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