Working on to optimize customer experience?

When demands exceed supply in hypermarkets and supermarkets, SmartID Queue Management Solution offers you an opportunity to optimize your customer experience and to organize a more logical queue flow. Before decide, take a look at the main solution’s benefits:

Customer Experience

Improve customer experience reducing queue time, by optimal allocation to tills

Value your customer time

Allows you to better serve customers by organizing processes according to the number of items purchased.

Actionable insights

Transform the queue experience by personalizing the services offered to your clients with a solution that helps you understand their preferences while waiting in-line.

Valuable data

Identify key areas where you need improvement based on real-time data: service, wait time, customers.

Better Resource Planning

When customer are guided by different kind of systems you free your personnel to better serve you best customers.

Boosting Employee Performance

Organize customers in a logical way rise motivation, performance, and employee’s engagement level and boost sales.

SMARTID.QUEUE Management Solution

Choose a solution that you can unlimited grow with and which does not place any barriers to you. Target a 15-35% improvement in customer wait times!

Call Forward Button

A cashier presses a button at the POS and calls for the next customer in the line queue.

Electronic Display (LCD)

Display which POS is free via audio and video message keeping your customers informed. Also reduces the lag between the customer being served, the available POS and next customer. Shows the number of POS and the name of the available cashier.

Positional Display

Use flashes to make customer aware about the correct POS number position. This display reduces customer confusion and speed the customer forward direction process.

Integration with ARS

The system is fully integrated with Advanced Retail System and with queue busting solution.

Back Office System

This module is responsible for configuring the entire system – layouts, electronic display, POS, and positional displays. Used by store personnel to allocate lines for a call forward line queue.

In-queue Merchandising System

Merchandising could be positioned to drive last minute purchases. The system is designed to distract the customer and to reduce the perceived waiting time.

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