Along the shopping experience, customers
are least satisfied with queue length

Make every day easier for your customers. With NCR SelfServ Self Check Out Solution you can ensure item security, personalization, and reporting to enable customers to scan, bag, and pay without assistance. Take a look at the main benefits before proceed further.

Customer experience

Provide a fast, easy, and convenient checkout experience

Create a stylish, modern front end

Future store is about experience. Make it look amazing!

Reduce labor costs

Scale your customer service capabilities at peak shopping times while minimizing costs and hiring efforts.

Improve efficiencies

Reduces queues for all customers and increase service levels

Provide flexibility

Enable consumers to check out and pay the way they choose

Increase brand and customer loyalty

A friendly environment makes your customer return and buy more

Make your store more profitable and attract happy customers

Transform your Store using the knowledge of our Experienced Consultants who master understanding of retail strategy and customer behavior and are able to effectively guide you in choosing the correct solutions to streamline your operations. Check out the video below to see how NCR SelfServe Check Out helps you build the store of the future.

NCR SelfServ Checkout Solution - Main Functionalities

Intuitive Multi-Path User Interface

Guides customer through appropriate action – human factors engineering; Provides immediate, understandable feedback – animation, sound, and text; Trains customers during first use/multi-path; Multi-lingual;

Robust Security

Physical and psychological deterrents; Powerful weight-learning database; State-based Intervention Architecture; Flexible Security Levels

Ease of support

Efficient and flexible monitoring ; Flexible service level tools and features; Self-learning weights and tolerances; Minimizes security interventions; Native POS foundation and POS Mode; Customized to your business rules

Shopping Experience

Uses multi-media audio and video instructions; Allows consumer to process transaction as it’s logical to the consumer; Does not force transaction flow to be “one size fits all”

Management Tools

Pick list editor; Multi-media training; Reports to monitor items not on file, weight mismatches, etc; Software diagnostics, alerts, remote problem resolution.

Security (loss prevention) tools

Item weight database; Credit card limits and checks; Skip bagging limits; Bagging exceptions; Manual weight tolerances by item; Learning parameters

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