Looking to offer your connected shoppers a consistent experience at every touch-point?

Take a look at the main benefits of the Smart.Selling solution that help you develop a true omni-channel strategy through recognizing and rewarding shoppers wherever they choose to interact with your store.

Customer Satisfaction

Help your customer save time, be flexible enough and offer them access to store item, research anywhere and if necessarily return goods via channel of choice. Scale your business by integrating the physical store with digital commerce and store inventory connecting your customer with all your sales channels and enabling omni-channel support.

Cross Selling and Upselling

You can get a single view of your connected customer and of your available inventory in all your stores. Search an item no matter where is available and give your customer the possibility to reserve an item in another store, opting for alternative items available or simply upsell new related products. Offer your customer choices, make them happy and loyal. They will return for more shopping experiences.

Shorten lines during peak times

Your Sales Associates can access product and inventory information, product information and customer data no matter how crowd is your store. Help them serve your customer fast and reduce abandoned purchases. Should a consultant is involved in a purchase that arrived the associate’s code can be added to consultant sales targets at POS level.

Real-time, accurate information

Get real time notifications and alerts to help Sales Associate act fast and never miss any sales opportunity. They can to run quick stock reports, identify products that are running out, compare stocks with sells, and reorder stocks automatically before they run out. Automate reporting identify problems right away.

Fast Identification of Problems

With Smart.Selling you can identify even the smallest error immediately – damaged products, products that are not profitable, bestselling products, out of stocks, fast and slow moving products, wrong prices etc. With real time information at your hands you can invest in the most profitable products, allocate budgets to move slow moving products into promotions, or make this products more visible to accelerate selling.

Cross-channel view of Inventory

Enjoy a complete picture of your inventory data - synchronized it with your stores, online, and mobile. Get the information you need to position ahead of the edge and focus on your fulfillment strategy that helps your shoppers order more convenient, frequently and profitable. You are in the business of purchasing stocks and selling them as profitable as possible.

Take service to your customer, not vice versa

Smart.Selling is helping you transform the sales transactions into differentiated interactions with your customers. Take a look at the video below in order to see how this solution is working in real time, get a single view on your customer and your store inventory and integrate online and in-store shopping experiences


Step away from a fixed checkout and serve your customer wherever they are. Support your consumer interactions by giving store associates immediate access to operational data which can be used to make sales fast and easy during peak periods

Mobile Application (Front Office)

You can access the entire mobile system administration – product and inventory information, sales target info, active store promotions, new products, training and testing, items and services that can be activated together when a certain item is sold, and store operations. Uses a barcode system to fullfill the transactions.

Mobile Sales

Sales Targets: Allows you to visualize the year-to-date sales, the sales target, and the sales target in Euro for previous day in a certain day etc. You can access the list of sales done in a certain period of time as well as deliveries. Sales Associates: You can view sales by sales associates, actual vs target.

Reporting module

Access the performance regarding products, product groups, promotions and channels to allow you to understand how in-store sales influence the connected customers.

Central Module (back office)

Centralize all the processed information, users, local data bases, data processing using reports, You can access users, data (items, barcodes, brands, category, stores). Main Modules Administration – Mobile Application, Mobile Inventory, Mobile Sales, Mobile Store Operations, Reporting Module.

Mobile Store Operations

Allow you to open a new inventory for a new location. You can open the list of labels and print them, transfer an item between stores and verify the inventory for a product category, for a brand or to verify an inventory. You can view the stock availability and location, replenishment reccomandation, moves etc

Barcode System

The application it is integrated with mobile devices, hand held computers, Android PDAs to automate the Sales Associates to help you automate the entire in-store selling process.

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