Looking for a quick and easy solution to troubleshoot and resolve remote device and appl. problems?

For environments where mobile data collection and processing is business-critical you need an EMM solution that helps you manage mobile devices and their applications, content, and security. Take a look at the main benefits you get from this solution:

Remote management

You can remotely manage users and their devices and delete or disable unauthorized users and applications. At the same time your business remain safe as security is enhanced.

Automatic Deletion

EMM allows you to automatically delete a device if it is stolen or lost; access can also be restricted in case an employee’s left the company or move to another role. Your confidential information is protected no matter what.

Supports BEYOD

Either you like it or not BEYOD is a reality and some of the retail organizations encourage it. With EMM all you have to do is to manage properly every device connected to the network and do not compromise company security.

Application Control

You can manage as many apps as needed for a productive workforce. Obtain a centralized control for your users and their installed apps based on role-based access management

Cost Savings

You can choose to monitor the employee activity on personal devices from security point of view, that means that you can save a huge amount of money. With EMM application installed you can obtain peace of mind.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory standards in the retail industry is common practice. With EMM you can closely monitor the regulatory compliance through a centralized console. This allow you to enhance protection while obeying legal requirements.


SOTI MobiControl includes productivity tools and remote support features that reduce device downtime and keep your workers working. Take a close look at how it is functioning in real world:


Secures and manages multi-vendor devices throughout their entire lifecycle, from deployment to retirement. It controls all aspects of business mobility, from tracking physical assets to managing apps and content, as well as keeping devices and data safe and secure. Take a look at main functionalities:

Business-critical mobility management

Get all the productivity tools and remote support features necessarily to fix, configure or restrict a mobile device to access app; polygon-based geo-fencing deploys policies, apps and content based on virtual boundaries.

Quickly and correct device deployment

Enroll any user via via barcode scanning or NFC, integrate with Apple DEP, Android zero-touch enrollment, Samsung KME, Windows Autopilot and Zebra StageNow, provision devices quickly and consistently using profiles and packages based on user role or geographic location, etc.

Mobile content and apps. management

Benefit from a content management app that allow you to easily control and manage important files and documents. You can remotely install, configure, update and remove apps from your enterprise or public app store.

Further Integrations with ONE Platform

Use a single one intuitive platform that is simpler, smarter and more reliable than any other solution. Solve the core problems like downtime, keep costs low, and increase productivity and efficiency. Export data for further analysis and long-term storage; create and view diagnostic help desk tickets.

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