The brand new Memor 20 PDA from Datalogic, available now for Pre-Orders

We’re excited to offer the latest details available on Memor 20, Datalogic’s brand new industrial PDA designed for the most challenging operating conditions.

Smart ID team was present during this year’s edition of the NRF 2020, where Datalogic introduced the latest full touch display, rugged and Android Enterprise recommended PDA.

Memor 20 PDA from Datalogic – just like a smartphone, only smarter

We’ve seen the Memor 20 at work and it’s quite impressive. Compared to its predecessor, Memor 10, the new industrial PDA from Datalogic features a 5.7″, Full HD 1080 display, similar to Apple and Samsung smartphones.

That’s one of the reasons behind retail employees’ excitement over using the new Memor 20 PDA. It’s slim, compact, and intuitive as a regular smartphone, only much smarter and robust!

The new PDA in the Memor series benefits from Datalogic’s cutting-edge scanning technology. The 2D ultra-slim imager, featuring the patented “Green Spot” technology for good-read confirmation, is the thinnest industrial scanner on the market.

And considering the two cameras, front and rear, compared to its predecessor’s single front camera, Memor 20 makes the perfect candidate for the retail sector operations. That includes price checks, inventory management, click and collect fulfillment, order entry, ticketing, delivery, and many more critical uses.

Memor 20 is always online, wherever your mobile team is

Connectivity is no longer an issue for this top-performing mobile device. Having a dual SIM card, Memor 20 automatically identifies the best carrier and can maintain high-level connectivity indoors and outdoors.

One of the novel traits of Memor 20 is the secondary 2″ display for notifications. It is the first industrial device in the world to feature this additional screen. The main benefit for mobile workers in field service and delivery is that they can retain focus on their activities, without having to access the device.

The new device comes equipped with Qi-compatible wireless charging – any Chee wireless charger will work. Furthermore, the 4000 mA hour swappable battery ensures continuity in operations at all times.

For safety, the new Memor 20 includes Android’s Biometric Security functionalities. Enhanced with Datalogic’s exclusive accessories, such as the Smart Dock, this PDA offers a unique locking function that secures the device to avoid unauthorized use, loss or theft. It also increases the accountability of each employee.

With Memor 20 you will get all the great features of Datalogic’s Memor series – ruggedness, productivity, power and performance, and much more!

“We designed the Memor 20 for enterprises that have the most demanding mobile requirements, such as retail distribution, where employees are up and down aisles and using forklifts; retail stores for assisted shopping, mobile POS, inventory management and price verification; transportation/logistics where drivers are out on the road and required to log each package during long delivery days,” said Tom Burke, vice president of Mobile Product Marketing at Datalogic, in preparation for the NRF 2020 preview.

Smart ID is introducing the new Memor 20 in its portfolio of industrial PDAs starting March 15th, 2020.

But you can pre-order your stock of the brand new Memor 20 right now.

Contact our team of experts for details and acquisition support!

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