Tobacco Products Directive: You have to comply with the TPD or risk facing financial consequences

As of May 20, 2019, all organizations within the tobacco distribution chain must ensure that their operations comply with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) or risk facing financial and business consequences. The EU Directive is designed to stop the sale of counterfeited tobacco products and ensure that tax revenues are collected and requires all tobacco stakeholders to be able to track and trace the movement of tobacco products to the point of sale to consumer.

Under the traceability system:

  • All unit packets of tobacco products must be marked with the unique identifier
  • Relevant economic operators (namely tobacco supply chain operators) involved in tobacco trade will be required to record the movements of these packets throughout the supply chain and transmit the related information to a European Data Repository
  • The data will then be made accessible to the authorities of EU countries and to the European Commission for enforcement purposes.

To help you comply to the TPD Directive, Smart ID Dynamics offers you Smart.Tracing – a complete solution intended for wholesalers and retailers of tobacco products which aim to comply with the requirements of the European Directive.

The solution consists of:

  1. Durable, hand held mobile devices from leading provider Zebra, capable of reading the required codes (e.g. dot code, data matrix, linear bar code).
  2. Robust Software Application – a combination of intelligent software, applications and utilities to allow economic operators to identify products and packaging, check their validity, record the business process step and transmit the data to the relevant European data-repositories. The solution is multilingual and is comprised of the following modules:

The BackOffice Module (BO) – provides administration, configuration and information functionality about the operations performed;

The FrontOffice (FO) module – the software application that communicates with the mobile terminals within the system;

The application can integrate with your existing systems and can exchange data with the help of web services, text files or databases.

The Smart.Track and Trace is the optimal solution for the challenges generated by the TPD, as it intervenes in the key points of the processes regulated by the norm.

Get in touch and allow us to lead you through the path of compliance with Europen Tobacco Product Directive.

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