Stay true to your mission to create a next-level service for your customers, using technology designed for minimizing disruptions, reducing safety risks, and decreasing costs.

360 degrees view of your assets

Keep track of your assets, their location, status, planned maintenance service or emergency situations, for an extended life-cycle, manageable maintenance costs, and a more performant network.

Generate ROI and expansion

A single point of automation, from which you can access and shape the core components of your company - people, assets, budget - to a structure that can help you achieve stability, foresee investments and sustain growth.

Sector compliance ready

Avoid penalties from authorities and stay ahead of your auditors with the automated solution that guarantees security of data and timely adoption of new market regulations, for a confident and profitable business.

Engage your workforce

Achieve maximum productivity from your mobile teams with all-in-one communication solutions that deliver real-time, accurate data on jobs, safety requirements and essential notifications.

Let data speak for you

Bring our the best of the information you own, with data collection tools providing accuracy and real-time visibility, for insightful decisions, adaptability and appropriate responses in novel situations.

Perform for your customers

Achieve higher rates in customer satisfaction with maximum uptime in services, a savvy workforce in control of emergency situations, and a customer-centric strategy for greener and healthier cities.


SmartID is devoted to bringing the best-in-class, next-generation mobility and asset management solutions that empower your teams, secure your operations and generate continuous value for you and your customers.


SmartID outlines mobility and automation architectures that help you mitigate disruptions, manage risks factors and always keep customers happy

Optimized assets performance and management

Achieve unparalleled performance with a completely digital system, that helps you visualize virtually any item in the value chain, from the entry point to safe disposal.

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Expert workforce automation

Achieve the best saturation of daily schedules possible, safely and effectively manage the full cycle of your maintenance operations, while reducing costs of field inspections and providing excellence in customer service

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Linx PTT Enterprise Mobility

One single intuitive and easy to use mobile application with an office dispatch dashboard that allows monitoring and management of your mobile workforce through a live interface and specialized rugged equipment.

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Fix inventory gaps

With simple RFID/barcode labeling, it’s easy to add and track your assets in the inventory from registration, componentization, assembling, counting to decommissioning and safe disposal.

Fewer incidents, faster interventions

Round the clock online and offline communication between teams and back office is the path to a safer on-field intervention that was not possible in the era of paper and ‘green screen’ devices.

Live status and Safety Alerts

Know in real-time when important events are happening and take action now to address unauthorized behaviors. CYRN Panic Button Integration, Man-down, Lone-worker, and customizable alerts are tied to zones and landmarks.


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