Why will the future be ensured by 2D barcodes?

More and more industries are adopting 2D barcodes. On the one hand, because the major benefits of using 2D barcodes are increasing at the level of business processes. On the other, because once 2D barcodes are put in use, the companies can include more information in less space and can obtain a high level of security and accuracy when reading partially damaged codes.

Another reason why 2D are a great succes is the sure performance when reading on curved surfaces. They are the chosen symbology for industrial marking and traceability applications. The independence from a database makes 2D barcodes even more attractive, because they can be used in intensive scanning environments, to identify small size products or to realize multiple operations – the same scanner can be used by an entire working shift to identify production in course of finalization, while another shift can use it for lifting and relocation operations.

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